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Logan  Dark times call for bright lights. @lolologanlawren

Saying goodbye to a friend is easier over one more beer. Knowing they'll be back in a few weeks for a wedding is also nice, and knowing that they're headed to Edmonton too, which is full of enchanting places. Safe travels, bud. There'll be many more beers to come. #halifax #stillwell #wednesdaybeers

#lunademiel day 18: Goodbye #belize and #cayecaulker! While we are looking forward to a slightly cooler clime, you're #goslow vibe was a lovely way to end our trip. Thanks for your three B's: Beaches, beer, and - 🐩 (seriously, so many cute dogs), Also, your fresh fruit juices, which we probably drank about as much of as your precious #belikin - with signs for it everywhere, something like this was bound to happen. #lifesabeach

#lunademiel day 17: it's been a good last day. We biked around the caye, tried paddle boarding (#newfavhobby), climbed giant inflatable fun water things, ate good food, and even walked some 🐢 from the animal shelter! (Not pictured: Kate getting dragged through the surf by Sheba). And obviously, the #sunset. So, definitely feeling bittersweet about this whole back-to-reality thing.
#belize #cayecaulker #palmtrees #lifesabeach #silhouette

#lunademiel day 16: GUYS, WE SNORKELED WITH A MANATEE. #MajesticAF This is the first time (in my adult life) I've wished I'd had an underwater camera. Luckily I did get a photo from Kate's phone of her feeding #tarpons - they're sporting 🐟 and even the young 'uns are a few feet long! We saw a bunch of other cool stuff, but seriously - dat #manatee tho. #belize #cayecaulker #snorkeling

#lunademiel day 15: arrived on one of the Cayes off the coast of Belize for the last few days of our trip. Hot, fine sand, an energetic atmosphere - almost makes me want to relive some younger years, although our time at the party bar tonight quickly put an end to that. Most days I feel too calm for a packed dance floor. It was special to watch the πŸŒ™ dance on the 🌊 instead, hypnotizing like an electric campfire. #cayecaulker #belize

#lunademiel day 14: usually as soon as roving vendors start talking to me, I kind of check out and politely say "no thanks", but there was something about #williamtheplasticman that made me listen - probably a mix of his big smile, his swagger, and his claim that what he had was like nothing else in the whole 🌎. He uses plastic bags he finds on the beach, twists and melts them into threads, and weaves bracelets (and dog leashes now, around his neck). He only comes to the tourist town of #placencia once every few days since he has to take a 🚣from a nearby town, so I felt pretty lucky to run into him. Proud of what he does and how he does it, "you won't find this in any tourist shop"; this is the kind of souvenir I look for, so it's funny that it seems to happen when I'm not even looking for it. #respectthehustle #recycle #belize

#lunademiel day 13: life's a beach. At first, this place seemed a bit - dull, frankly, especially after our gogogo the past 2 weeks (and all the tours here are πŸ’²and in USD, so there's that). But we're settling into it and the weather has been obligingly overcast, gently welcoming our Northern skin to this part of the world. Nice to have time for our books, finally, although we're both reading about hard times in Russia, so it's a bit jarring to look up for your cold drink from a beach chair :/ Thinking twice about coming home. #timetochill #placencia #lifesabeach #belize #summerreading

#lunademiel day 12: greetings from πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ώ! We spent the day not speaking Spanish and swimming/climbing/fumbling through the incredible #atmcave. Unfortunately no cameras were allowed because some idiots have dropped them on thousand-year-old pottery and human πŸ’€ (and we were also up to our neck in water a few times), but Kate napping in a hammock captures the spirit of the evening. Next stop: Placencia! #belize

#lunademiel day 11: watched the day begin from the top of a temple, floating above the noise. #Tikal #guatemala

#lunademiel day 10: yesterday we arrived in the jungle park of #Tikal and checked out the grounds. The only #crocodile we saw was a baby swimming adorably 20 feet away, but we DID go for a walk/hike on an overgrown jungle path, got swarmed by mosquitoes, and saw spider πŸ’ (as well as real πŸ•·and also a πŸ¦‚). Luckily, Kate's πŸ‘Ά scream scared them away before they could maybe crawl over her foot or something equally terrible. Also, it's really hot here, guys. #cocodrilo #guatemala

#lunademiel bonus: maybe it was the bug net fumes, but last night I had some fun with #snapseed and #mextures. Merged a photo of a #tuktuk from #SanPedroLaLaguna and a night silhouette of #IndianNose to get at the surreal vibe of #lakeatitlan - recommend for a whole bunch of reasons. #guatemala

#lunademiel day 9: yo, this place is so. HOT. #Flores didn't have much going on, but we had fun wandering #santaelena's market and travelling like the locals do on a crammed minibus (I tried to teach a kid how to play πŸ—»πŸ“ βœ‚οΈ - no success). Swimming in lake #petenitza, however, and laying on the dock as the sun sets - that was lovely. Alas, here too the #streetdogs were tugging at Kate's ❀️ so she sought out more dog food and made sure these skinny hard-workin' mamas were taken care of. #thatsmybaby #guatemala #perrosdecalle

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