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Logan  Dark times call for bright lights. @lolologanlawren

Guys #Jamaica has all this crazy fruit! Clockwise from top (bear with me): papaya, jackfruit (pieces and pit), June plum, custard apple, cocoa pod, something they call kiwis, and the big beauty is a starfruit. So so tasty from your friendly neighbourhood fruit stand dealer.

Not pictured: a shot of something "good for tha blood", a cat eating coconut cream, Rasta Dan, double rainbow. #realjamaica #stillregular

No white sands in this neck of the woods.
Also: driving on the other side of the road.

#jamaica #cultureshock

SCENE: Night. Foggy, lamp-lit neighbourhood street. Something lurks in the air as LOGAN waits for the bus to take him to some drop-in improv. The podcast is upbeat, yet foreboding - could there be something sinister in all that fuzzy, beautiful half-light?


Lunchtime casualty. (Those pickled beets, tho)

Some days I'd rather be sitting in the window too, but at least today I have this view... #catsofinstagram #silhouette #snapseed

Last one to the party's a rotten egg.

Also, call a friend today. #PSA

#toronto #birdsofinstagram

Ladies of the house.

Fun weekend in #toronto wandering Bloor, going to an interactive play (s/o to @lostandgne for a great time!), and some much-needed reading in the park. Not pictured: sunshine, post-Banjara waddles, cold brew cocktails, restless nights, Kensington bagels and 'spro.
#silhouette #instababe #dathattho #christypits

To the woman who's eyes make me smile, and whose smile makes my skin tingle and my stomach flutter; who makes me feel useful and important, and strongest when I'm at my most vulnerable. The woman who makes me delight in my life, and rejoice in all the choices which have led me to this point.
To the witty, wise, and wonderfully incandescent woman who has brightened my life so profoundly, she's made it anew.
Happy one-year, @k8opo8o - here's to many more. Je t'aime beaucoup.

Went apple-picking and beach-picninc-ing today with @k8opo8o and some of the the dope ladies in her residency program. Although we concluded that the Nova Scotian U-pick scene is better, it was still a blissful way to spend a Sunday.
Not pictured (because they were eaten, obvi): smoked oysters, stankey cheese, apple butter, a loaf of sourdough, 85% chocolate dipped in peanut putter with a pretzel on top.
#londononlife #sundayfunday #somanyapples #reachforit #londonontario

Work is better with #spro and #bossanova. #fact

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