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Logan  Dark times call for bright lights. @lolologanlawren

Work is better with #spro and #bossanova. #fact

Went to see @_maxmarshall_ yesterday and caught his buddy @thomcoombes singing about home towns and heart break. Thom's songs sounded familiar: this stuck feeling of admitting that a difficult past has happened, and old hurts aren't less painful, just a bit more familiar.
#newfoundland #londonontario #canadianmusic #soundtracktomyyouth

Been holding onto to shots for awhile now because I'm like "oh, that'll be useful for that double exposure feature" and also realize that they take a bit more time and energy. But still, this is the closest thing I do to art, so why not.
In other news, saw a neat movie at the local Indie cinema today. "Lost In Paris." Felt giddy seeing so much movement - actors with dance backgrounds (or dancers who want to be in a movie). #mextures #snapseed #pina #lostinparis #kindacreepy #thatsnotart

Friends of ours invited us out for dinner, and despite jonesing for a quiet evening, we steeled ourselves and were well-rewarded with excellent company and one of the best meals I've had in years. #cheers to the times when the (relatively) harder choice pays off in big ways. (Seriously, who would've thought mushrooms and blueberries go so well together?!) Photo credit: Julie #londonontario #sundayfunday #sofull #bestaurant #omnomnom

Weird starting to work from home. Mixed feelings about #petparty - these two always want attention, but when they settle down, it's actually relaxing. #phdlife

My baby's #lastfirstdayofschool - just one more year and then she'll be officially capable of inviting you to lie down on her couch and tell her about your feelings and/or mother. In the meantime, this'll be my #officeview - minimal distractions FTW. 🎓#londonont

Today we left our home of the last 6 years for Kate's residency in London, Ontario. I'm stoked for a new adventure, but it's bittersweet saying adios to a city we love so much. Think the pets are gonna miss this place too.

It was such a pleasure being a part of #redbankwedding at @fillyerbootsfarm - so many generous and warm people showering the people they ❤️ with attention and affection (and laughter, obvi)... and now I get to look forward to @evanmcmaster's photos and Hil and Marshall's stories about their hiking in the Rockies - happy honeymoon!

Just some last-minute practice before #redbankwedding!#spoileralert

My baby just (successfully!) defended her PhD today. I can't say enough about her, so here goes: Kate-O, you've changed my life. You kill it every day with a positivity and grace that lifts my soul. I delight in watching you succeed. Thank you for having the poise and tenacity to be you; the way you flex and nestle against me makes me so much more than I could ever be without you. (You were a gorgeous blur in every photo I took today [especially karaoke], so here's one of you being a gorgeous still at 4:30am in #guatemala ) #dissertation #dalproud #killingit

It felt super weird asking a bunch of randoms to take their picture in a busy restaurant, but I always hear 'what's the worst that could happen?' So I smiled, apologized for the strange request, and: "I really like the light here too! Only if you send us a photo!" Pretty proud of myself... #futurestreetphotographer #halifax #pizza

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