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Logan  Dark times call for bright lights. @lolologanlawren

When life gives you lobsters... we had a lovely time up in #capebreton this weekend, including getting some of these beauts direct from the fishermen (gotta love AirBnB hosts for having the local connect). Also: can someone please tell me what those green pasty bits are? None of this "I heard it was lobster pre-poop..." #lobster #weekendgetaway #trumpbump #fishermansfriend #destinationcapebreton

Pulse. In #capebreton but don't want to post about cliffs and trees. So: here's the inside of a clothes dryer. I love artists that take something commonplace and make it unfamiliar. As much as I love those perfect shapes and patterns used in some of those double exposure images, I'd like to be able to recreate that with found imagery. Or maybe I'm too cheap to pay for them fancy shcmancy apps. #snapseed #tint #doubletriplecheck

Some days are for reading.

"Hope your Mother's Day goes swimmingly! (Don't sweat the 🦈)". #mothersdaypreview for my Mom, who fortunately isn't on Instagram. It's been neat getting to know her again as an adult, and so... satisfying to see her get back into swimming. #rolemodel (oh, and her and my Dad always encouraged me to make homemade cards. Yeah, $8 for Hallmark is still preposterous) #diycards #thriftyisnifty

View from the window. #getoutside #snapseed #IshouldbePhDing

#sundaysnuggles with @finnegans_tails - bit hazy bc hey, that's how you feel some mornings. Something ancient about the light of an overcast morning. #dogsofinstgram #lightupmylife #snapseed

3/3. Because, you know, sometimes you just gotta recognize your fav iteration of pick the best iteration of an idea and stick with it. Also: I felt like weird, disturbing, confusing art was the kind of art I could get in to as a kid - something that was so opposite the "art" I negatively associated with snobs and elitism. Sometimes I just wanna do something strange. #selfie #snapseed #whatmakesyoutick

2/4 #snapseed fun. I have mixed feelings about heavily edited photos that are still meant to look realistic (lookin' at you, HDR). But I do have a soft spot for stretching stuff and turning it into something a bit more - well, I think my vision is better than my photography skills.

Been awhile since I played around w #snapseed - nice to get lost in playing with features again. Lots of potential for something different. 1/4

When you overlook flank steak... make some soup with that little bit of kimchi kickin' in the back of the fridge and those lovely spring onion tips from @fillyerbootsfarm #theproblemwithbeingavegheadisyouforgethowtocookmeat

Work hard, enjoy the view. #menatwork #silhouette #seriouslyanothercondo #hfx

"Flying fish" 2017, mixed media: Creole incorrect Cajun trinity Israeli Coucous, $2 Salmon swith surprisingly spicy seasoning, sweet and sour scabbage, Orange Chimichurri. Plating: 4/10. Taste: 6/9. Just wingin' it: 10/10. #narcissist #fridaynightfeast

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