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Chapter 60

Just only yesterday logan got discharged from the old rag of a hospital, and he headed home taking him with me so I could meet his baby girl, Kayta. Since Logan mentioned to me that he wasn’t capable of driving in the current state he was in, so he allowed me to drive his beloved G-wagon the ‘yeti’. And might I say, that thing is a fucking nightmare to drive because of its huge In builds. The whole drive The blonde haired man was rambling stories about Kayta and explaining how much I will love her. As I pulled into his Cement tiled driveway I care carefully parked the white beast and helped Logan out of his car, taking in his stuff as well. As we rammed into Logans house and set his stuff down he mentions something
L: uhm, Kayta is at jakes house right now and she will return home soon but In the mean time we can catch up. Because we have missed out on 8 years of each other’s lives.
He blabbed, receiving a sheepish smile from him.
You: oh alrighty then. I’m more than happy to catch up with you.
I said giving him a flashy grin.
Logan dragged me to his kitchen asking me if I was hungry but I replied with a no as i currently wasn’t hungry. Then Logan proceeded to drag me to his backyard where we caught up with each other and reminded ourselves of our crazy teen memories we shared together.

As Logan went to go get us some drinks, I sat outside as I looked up at the hazy sky watching is slowly glow darker by the minute. The stars were giving off a reflective twinkle to the night sky, and the fire burning and crackling a few meters away from me. As I was giving my full attention to the black inky sky, I feel something being placed on my lap. I locate my eyes down to see a chubby little hand on my knee. I peer my eyes directly in front of me and see a little girl with curly blonde locks with a warm grin on her face.
I locked my gaze on her and gave her a little smile back.
K: hiii!! I’m Kayta!
She blurted out excitingly.
You: oh hello darling. You must be Logans daughter😁
K: yes I am! I love him very much :p she said swaying her small build side to side.
You: *giggles* I can tell. I love him very much too.
K: *small gasp* are you COMMENTS⬇️⬇

Chapter 59

As me and Logan are enjoying our little reunion, he brings up something.
L: um, y/n?
Y/n: yeah?
I say, transferring my eyes to his.
L: there is probably something I should let you know about...
He slowly chokes out making a worried tone evident in his voice.
Y/n: uh huh...
L: I uh, I have a daughter.
Say what? A daughter? My eyes instantly widen at his confession. He has a daughter?! Since when did he have a daughter? Does he have a girlfriend? Or maybe even wife. Wtf.
You: what?
L: I have a little 5 year old girl.
You: o-oh. Are you sure what you’re telling me is true? That’s enough messing around logan. You can tell me it’s a prank now...
L: no y/n. I’m not kidding. Her name is Kayta.
Kayta? That’s kinda cute. Now I have my interest in this.
You: ok..um. Does that mean you have girlfriend?
L: oh no. God no. I don’t have one, I’m a single dad you could say.
An instant wait was lifted of my shoulders. Thank the heavens, I don’t even think I would be able to handle him giving his heart out to someone else other than me. I’m not ready to let him go just yet, even though it’s been 8 years.
You: that’s kind of cute actually. I would love to meet her!
L: of course you’ll meet her. She was just round here a few days ago to see me, She came with Jake.
Jake. Jake! I haven’t heard anything about him. My mind draws the attention on how he’s doing but then I get cut off by the another thought...if Logan’s a single dad, who is the mother?
You: hey, Logan uh if you have daughter but you’re single, who’s the mother then?
Logan looks down and twiddle his thumbs. It seems to be a touchy subject to him, so just as he was about to say something I cut him off.
You: I’m sorry if it’s a invasive question, I shouldn’t have asked in the first pla-
L: no, no. It’s ok, you deserve to know. erm where do I start...
Then Logan proceeds to tell me the story of him and savannah. How could someone be so fucking heartless? You can’t just dump YOUR child for someone else to take care of with no help from you. And then run away and pretend like life is dandy and amazing. If she’s not there for logan, then I’ll be.

//y/n meets Kayta in the next chapter🤭//

Chapter 58


This is it. It’s go time. I slowly walk in, being as quiet as I possibly can as I stand in front of his bed. He hasn’t noticed me yet.
You: hey. How are you feeling?
Logans head shoots up. Those golden locks, defined jawline, sharp nose and plump lips meet me For the first time in 8 years. his ocean irises lock into my sky blue ones. He has the most surprised look on his face.
L: o-oh my god. Y-Y/n?
You: yes. I-it’s me.
I choke out as my breath hitches.
L: y/n!
There’s that million dollar smile I’ve been waiting to see for the past 8 years. Almost immediately my arms are wrapped around his muscular build, almost feeling like the trip to being in his arms again didn’t even happen. I rest my face into the crook of his neck I a straddle him. After a minute of absorbing the feeling of us being together again, he speaks up pulling away from the hug. I can feel the few tears trickling down my soft cheeks.
L: where have you been?
He speaks, wiping away my tears.
You: where have YOU been?
L: I don’t even know what to say y/n. After 8 years. 8 years. Still as beautiful as ever.
You: *giggles* hey, you look much cuter now too. It’s not only me.
L: oh my god your giggle. That’s something I have missed dearly.
You: oh shut it paul. There is so much more that I missed about you.
L: we still have a lot more to catch up on.
You: yes, we do.
I say, gazing into those mesmerising eyes.

//sorry this is so short. My eyelids are hanging on for dear life to try and stay open//
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Chapter 57


This past five days has been alright I guess. It consisted of me getting my balance to walk again, getting an apatite again and just slowly recovering. Dr.Cordack has been a great help and I’m so glad to have a him as my nurse to help me through this. Although, he keeps telling me about this “person” I’m supposed to meet in like, 2 days and he keeps saying how surprised and shocked I’ll be. I’m dying to know who it is because I have no clue at all. It’s aching every bone inside of me. It’s currently 12:39pm. I’m just in bed staring at the black rimmed clock that hangs above the door. I’m bored out of my min-
??: Daddy!!
The sounds of a little girls voice fills my ears. I bring my attention to the door to see Kayta. My gorgeous 5 year old. Yeah, you heard me. My kid. My baby girl. You see, when I was 20 I met this beautiful girl named Braelynn and we hit it off quite quickly. One night, we hooked up and the condom broke. We didn’t think anything of it and just ignored it. A few days after that, she told me she was moving and broke us off out of nowhere. Of course I was sad but there was nothing much I could do about it. 9 months later she shows up with a baby at my door, shoves it in my face, says it’s my child and leaves. Leaving me and the baby alone. Of course I wasn’t going to get rid of the poor thing so now I’m a single dad. Who’s also an actor. Crazy right? Yeah well there’s nothing I can do about it. I love Kayta so much and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.
L: baby!!
Her little giggles and bright smile fill the room bringing instant joy to me. He little legs bolt up to my bed and she climbs up on it jumping on me. I immediately wrap my arms around her as I feel the corners of my mouth lift off into a smile.
L: how’s my baby girl doing?
K: I’m good!
L: that’s great baby. Who brought you here?
K: uncle Jake!
L: oh okay. Is he here right now?
K: yes I tink so.
She says nodding her head. I run her fingers through her hazel locks as I call jakes name.
L: Jake! Where are you?
A few seconds later, jake pops his head in with a toothy grin plastered on his face.
J: hey bro, how you feeling?
L: I’m feeling great. COMMENTS⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


01/2 ....I’m awake. Where am I? Where’s Kayta? What happened? First of all, why the fuck am I extremely stiff and can’t open my eyes. I try to move my limbs with every bit of strength in me. And with enough power, I eventually have my legs, arms and hands moving. But I can’t seem to open my eyes. Hm. With the last of the strength in me, I have my crusty ass eyes open. WOAH it’s so bright, being instantly blinded by the bright light. I look down and see me in a wrinkled gown, I look beside me too see metal bars on each side of me. Where am I? Fuck. The hospital. Oh wait. SHIT! I got Into a car accident, with kayta. Kayta. Where’s my Kayta? I need the nurse but I’m so dehydrated and thirstyyyyy. I dart my eyes around the room and spot a water bottle on the bedside table. I don’t care how old it is I gulped that shit. I call for a nurse or someone at least to inform me where Kayta is.
About 5 seconds later a male dressed in baggy white pants and a lab coat type thing who I’m assumings a nurse, bolts into the room.
Nurse: Logan! You’re awake!
L: uh yeah. I am... where’s Kayta?
Nurse: oh um first off, I’m Dr.Cordack and I’m your nurse and second of all Kayta is fine and she’s at home.
L: oh thank god, I thought something happened to her😧
DC: well she’s fine. Ok Logan, do you know what happened to you?
L: uh I got into a car accident?
DC: yeah pretty much and you injured your head kinda badly so, you’ve been in this coma for the past week.
L: oh my. A coma?
DC: yeah. But you’re ok now. So, we need to do some memory tests. Basically what I’m going to do is ask you a few questions. Ok?
L: mhm.
Dc: full name?
L: Logan Alexander Paul
Dc: job?
L: actor
Dc: pets name?
L: maverick and Kong
Dc: date of birth?
L: 1st of April 1995
Dc: okay okay. Not bad. Your memory seems to be fine.
L: great. When can I leave this place?
Dc: uh well. You still need to get the hang of walking again and recover a bit more. So probably in a weeks time. Also, there is someone I want you to “meet”
L: ugh. And who is this person?
Dc: you’ll find out in a weeks time.
L: *sighs*

//who could Kayta be?? Also, next chapter will still be Logans pov😬//

Chapter 55

A: whaaaaat
You: *out of breath* y-you know the patient I Just checked on?
A: yeah?!
You: I-it’s logan.
A: WHAT?! You: yes! It said his name and everything. It’s him Allie. I found him again!
I say in amazement. Even though my brain is still trying to process that I just saw him.
A: oh my god I’m so glad you found him again!
You: I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. He’s in a coma and not all coma patients can hear, but I still said some things to him anyway.
A: awe. After 8 years y/n. This is something pretty big. But what if he’s in a relationship?
You: yeah I’ve thought about that. If he is it’s a bummer but, all I want him to know is that I still love him. A whole lot.
A: well I h-
Dr.cordack: good morning girls. Y/n. How are you?
You: oh well I’m doing just dandy. Oh and thanks for not telling me your patient WAS LOGAN!
DC: well I wanted to surprise you!! See, it worked. You’re shook.
You: oh my god😂

Wednesday the 7/02

It’s starting to get colder out now at 3am. So as i walk through the cold crisp morning air across the Parking lot, I can’t help but feel like...happy. I’m in a good mood today for some reason. I’ve just got this feeling that something good is gonna happen? Yunno? But the only bad thing that’s happened is the Dr. Cordack is not letting me see Logan until he wakes up. He said he wants it to be a “surprise” so I have no clue on how logan is doing. It’s sure pissing me off because he’s literally in the same building as me and I can’t see him! So. Fuck.
As I walk to my desk to say a rather good morning to Allie, DC darts himself in front of me.
You: woah- um. Good morning?
DC: uh yeah hello good morning. There is a surprise waiting for you in room 203 in the ICU.
You: but that’s loga-
DC: yes, I know. Just go.
And within a second I’m bolting off to 203. I reach that room and wait outside of it. I slowly peer my head to take a peek and see a tired, bored and sore logan. Drinking coffee, twiddling his thumbs looking around the room. He’s awake. He’s back.

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Chapter 54

Holy. Fucking. Shit.
Every bone in my body just decided to stop and not wove the slightest bit. Frozen. Completely frozen.

Logan? Is that really him? I mean it looks like him and everything and it his name so. I Just found him again. He’s here. Holy shit.
He’s still in coma though. Poor thing must of got hit so bad. Who knows when he’ll wake up😔 I’m pretty good friends with doctor cordack so he knows about my past with Logan. I’ve always sort of thought doctor cordack was cute but he’s married so...I just pushed that thought aside. I still can’t believe he’s here right in front of my eyes. After 8 years. But does this really have to be they way we meet again? Through a hospital. Ugh. Hospitals can suck sometimes. Mainly all the time. I’m still frozen. Not know what to do with him. I only came In here for one thing and that was to check up on him. How am I supposed to do this without bursting into tears?
I walk over to his bed and sit in the chair next to it. I’m about to touch him for the first time in 8 years! Holy fuck! I lace our fingers together. The feeling of his touch just brings goosebumps to me. My hands perfectly fit in his. It’s an amazing feeling honestly. I should say a couple words before I do anything else...
You: uh. H-Hey logan. I don’t know if you can hear me but guess who it is? It’s y/n. Do you remember me? Your girlfriend from 8 years ago. The exchange student from France. I’m here. We meet again, in a hospital unfortunately. I really don’t know what to say other then...i-i love you. I still do. I knew you were the one so I haven’t dated anyone s-since then. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I will be checking up on you everyday even though I’m not your doctor. I’ve found you again and there’s no way I’m letting go. I don’t k-know if you’re in a relationship or not but I just want you to know I love you and th-that will never ch-change.
I say, tears dwelling in my eyes. I check his stability and heart rate and stuff before racing off to tell Allie.

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Chapter 53


It’s 8 years later since I’ve seen Logan. Im 25 now and A lot of stuff has happened between these at years. I went to college in France, graduated, moved to LA and I now work as a nurse in a LA hospital. When I first landed back in France me and Logan only stayed in touch for about a month until we just lost contact. I haven’t dated anyone since because I knew he was the one and I’m still waiting. Waiting to see my one and only true love again. I don’t know what logan is doing right now. I don’t really use social media but I’ve seen him around and his popularity. It’s so fulfilling to watching him live his dream. I remember him telling me about his dream to become a internet star, It was his and Jakes dream from what I can remember. He always used to film silly videos with Jake and sometimes I would get involved in them. I think about him quite often over the stress of my job, I love helping people but it can be so stressful. It’s yet another boring day and I’m on my way to work. Apparently a man, who is a celebrity got into a bad car accident last night, is in a coma and is staying at this hospital. I wasn’t there for it so I don’t know who it is. All I know is I need to get to work now before I’m late. Oh, and I start a 3am and finish at 1pm meaning I work 10 hours a day. It’s probably the average working hours.

I rush through the doors of the hospital, letting the disgusting smell fill my nose. I’ve always hated the smell but I get used to it. I look at my watch and see that I’m just on time. I head up to the staff room and put my stuff away and head back to the desk where my little office section is. As I’m approaching my desk I see one of my co workers, Allie. Me and Allie are like best friends. We’ve become so close over the time we’ve both been working here and she’s just an amazing addition to my life.
You: Allie! Hey!
Allie turns around on her spinny chair and gives me a warm smile.
A: hey y/n! How are you going this morning?
You: the usual. Tired.
A: me too. I’m might change my hours..
You: no! You need to stay. You’re the only one that can get me through these mornings😂
A: same with you. I didn’t COMMENTS⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇

Chapter 52


It’s here. The day I’m leaving and going back to France. I’m outside customs preparing to say by to Logan, jake and Pam. I’ve got everything together and packed up. It’s time. I turn to Pam and see her with tears running down her face. Just seeing that makes me wanna cry.
You: *sighs* ok. Pam, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for dealing with me over this past year and for taking care of me. You’re like my second mother and I’ll miss you so dearly much.
P: it’s my pleasure. You’ve been so good and I’ll miss you a lot. Hopefully you’ll come visit Ohio again.*sniffs*
You: I most definitely will.
I said while pulling her into a hug. I hug her so tightly and then move onto Jake. I pull Jake into a hug. I mumble my speech into his hear while hugging him.
You: bye jake. I’ll miss you buddy you’re like a brother to me now. Take care ok?!
J: bye y/n. I’ll miss you too.
He mumbled back with his voice hitching.
Now, it’s time for Logan. My everything.
I turn to Logan to see his eyes all glossy and watery. I walk towards him and put my arms around his neck. I gave him a long speech last night about how much I’ll miss him and thanking him. Some smashing may of happened after that.. maybe.
You: Logan. I want you to be strong for me and move on. I know it will be hard at first but you will eventually an-
L: no y/n.
Logan says now completely sobbing, my heart breaking at the sight.
L: I won’t m-move on. C-Can’t you see that I’m madly in love w-with you? I will wait until we m-meet again. There’s no way in hell th-that I’ll move on.
Now I’m breaking into a sob. Tears pouring down my face in sync with each other.
You: w-whatever you say logan. Trust me. You w-will. But anyways, words c-can not describe how m-much I’m in love with you too. You are my o-other half logan. But I have to go. D-don’t worry, We’ll see each other a-again one day. Fate will bring us together again. I love you I love you I love yo-
I got cut off but him pulling me into his muscular build and crashing his lips on to mine. The adrenaline rushing through my veins was overwhelming. I’ve never felt that before. Is he really the one? I mean I know I’m COMMENTS⬇️⬇️⬇️

Chapter 51 (This chapter is just a catch up chapter on what’s been happening. Sorry it’s boring)


It’s been 4 months and I’m done with grieving over my dad. I miss him so incredibly much. It just feels like there’s an empty void in my heart now that he’s gone. Lucky my goodbye when I was leaving France was a good one because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself. Logan, the lovely boyfriend he is has been helping me through this and keeps reminding me on how strong of a person I am. I literally wouldn’t know what to do without my other half. He’s taught me so many things. How to love, showing me ways of life, how to build on your personality. I’m so lucky to have him and I wouldn’t trade the him for the world. Yes, we didn’t go to prom because I literally just couldn’t. Logan said it was ok but I still feel really bad. But, he always has next year to go off with some other girl. Because I’m leaving Next week. Yes, you heard me. I’m leaving and going back to France as my exchange program is now coming to an end. This past week logan has been giving me all his love and affection to the fullest and showing me how much I mean to him. It’s currently Friday and I’m leaving on Tuesday. Of course I’m sad and all but I know he’s going to move on to some other girl after me. He’ll forget about me and forget this relationship even happened. We’re madly in love with each other and it’s like a package. You get one year of love and that’s it, meaning You then have to face the rest of your life without it. So I’m already preparing for an overwhelming amount of sadness for what’s about to come. I’ll definitely miss Jake too. He’s such a kind in caring person (in this story he is lol) and we are like brother and sister. He never fails to make me laugh and he’s always there for me. Pam, oh Pam. She’s the most loveliest women I’ve ever met in my life. The way she cares for us and makes sure we’re all happy just adds to the necessity’s of life. I’m so grateful to have been staying with them and wouldn’t ask for anyone else. As for Ashley, holly, kylah and sky I will miss them endlessly. They have been such good friends COMMENTS⬇️⬇️⬇

Chapter 50


I’m literally speeding down the last road. The home stretch. For what felt like 100 years but was really 30 seconds, I eventually pull up into the drive way of our house. My heart aching to see my poor girl. I jump straight out of the car ignoring Jake and not even bringing my bag in. I charge into the house ignoring mum and race straight upstairs to y/ns room. I burst through the door to see her in her bed, crying her heart out and just a blanket of tissues over her. My heart instantly breaking at the sight. She turns to look at me with the most hurt but relief in her eyes that I’m here now. Immediately, I rush over to her and engulf her into the most biggest hug I’ve ever given someone in my whole entire existence on this earth.
L: I’m so sorry baby. I’m here now. It’s gonna be alright.
She’s still full on sobbing. I can’t stand to look at her like this.
You: why logan. W-why did this h-happen. He d-didn’t deserve t-this😭
L: i know baby I know. But I guess god just decided it was his time to leave. He’ll still be with you in your heart.
You: I g-guess
You: are we e-even going to prom? It’s next week..
Shit. I had this whole plan for her to ask her and now it’s ruined.
L: uh. I was gonna ask you sometime this week. I planned everything but if you don’t wanna go that’s fine.
You: I’m s-sorry baby but I don’t t-think I’ll be able to enjoy myself even if i w-went.
L: it’s ok. It’s only junior prom. Senior prom is more important I guess. (In Australia we don’t have prom. It’s called a formal lol)
You: but I’m n-not gonna be with you senior year. I’ll be back I-in France.
Shit shit shit shit. She’s right. She’s leaving soon. I’m madly in love with this girl. She sends my heart sky rocketing every time I see her beautiful face. She puts my stomach in a knot every time we make eye contact. She makes butterflies erupt in my stomach every time we kiss. And life without that? Would just be unliveable.
L: oh no. I totally forgot about that. Who cares really. It’s just a dance.
You: a dance to remember. It’s a b-big part o-of high school. Y-you c-can go with a different girl. I’m no where near important than anybody else.
Shocked COMMENTS⬇️⬇️⬇️

Chapter 49


I’m now heading to calculus (fun fact: the creator of calculus, Isaac Newton died a virgin. Serves him right for creating such a horrible subject). For once, I’m actually excited to go to calculus because y/n is in it. I haven’t seen her all day and I just need to be wrapped up in her presence to carry on. I push past and make my way through the crowded halls. I make it to the class and take a seat in a desk far up the back. As more people come in I’m not seeing y/n. Usually y/n is early to her classes. But it doesn’t seem to be this time. Stop stressing Logan, she’s probably in the bathroom. Although that thought doesn’t help the fact that I’ve COMPLETELY DESTROYED MY PENCIL. Shit. Imma need a new one now. •
Everyone’s seated and class has began now. And guess what? There’s no sign of y/n. That’s it. I get out of my seat and head up to the teachers desk.
L: uh, excuse me Mr.Vance
Then I see Mr.Vance drop his pen and look up at me with an unimpressive glare. Never liked Mr.Vance never will.
MV: yes, Logan?
L: I believe a student by the name of y/n y/l/n is meant to be in this class?!
MV: yes, she was. But she has been sent home for personal reasons.
L: home? Personal? Why?
MV: for personal reasons logan. I don’t even know what it’s for.
L: well who does? I’m her boyfriend I think I should know.
MV: oh so you two are in a relationship?
L: yes we are. So who knows about what happened.
MV: well I got told by principal demmings bu-
Before he could finish his sentence I was out the door and heading towards Mr. Demmings office. Leaving the class and my destroyed pencil. I’m getting more anxious by the minute. What’s happened to my baby?

I put my fist in a clench ready to knock on Mr.Demmings door. I knock and wait for a few seconds. But just as I was about to knock again I see the door knob in a twist
And the door opening. I’m greeted by a tired and bored Principal.
PD: ah Logan. How can I help you?
L: where’s my girlfriend?
PD: your girlfriend? Who’s your girlfri-
L: y/n y/l/n. Where is she?
PD: oh y/n. Y/n. Right she’s been sent home.
L: sent home? Why?
Even though I already know she’s home I need to know why.
PD: oh um COMMENTS ⬇️⬇️⬇

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