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Walking down The buns of steel stairs @thelorizimmer @miss_maria

Buns of steel stairs #montmartre

Le brebant. Better than bouillon Chartier 😄

So we stopped by Boullion Chartier cause we heard it was a French institution. Cheap food but good quality. Like if the cafeteria was upscale. We needed a snack so figured why not.
Menu was decen. the hostess showed us to a table. Only to have the waiter come over abruptly two minutes later and tell us "you sit here (pointing to the seat next to us). It is easy. Sit here. Make room for two". We said "so we can't sit at these empty seats that the hostess sat us at?" He said no and walked away. Which is fine except he was cramming us in next to a family w 3 kids and the restaurant was 80% empty. So we left and went to the super nice place across the street
So here is a picture i took before being relocated. Haha.

Creeping at night. I really like this section of track. So many trains coming and going. in front of you, behind you, on the sides of you. completely immersive section of activity

The pic above is a multi panel pic, so swipe left for the second part of the pano


That feeling of standing next to a train while it whooshes past you. Love the tunnel. #rer #train #subway #metro #subway #tunnelrunner

If MC Escher made subway service entrances #metro #RATP #subway


Room for one more

Cemetery clown is bored

Paris cemetery

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