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Good visit with @petertunneyart today. He's finalizing his work that was created from the artifacts of the Taj Mahal Trump casino that went bankrupt. Incredible trove of opulence and gold.
I also had to go to drop off the paintings I will be showing this year in Miami at @goldmanglobalarts in Wynwood.
Excited to get away from the cold in NY and to visit with friends in Miami

here is the static shot of the piece that i uploaded the time-lapse of previously. always easier to see the details and image with the regular ol’ straight forward shot.
The scene is Torino. I was only there for a short period of time, but loved it there. Part of that may have been the city. Part of it may have been the company )(hi @GaloArtGallery). Part of it may have been that I was there during truffle season. I mean how can you go wrong with a cup of cheese, truffles and bread crumbs on top? damn, i must be hungry cause i am writing about food again. But anyway, the one thing that i love about painting is that it allows me to re-live the time that I spent there, walking around at night when the city is asleep.
This piece will be exhibited in Miami this December during the Art Fair week.

I stayed in the studio last night and painted well into the morning. There is no better feel than being someplace with the understanding that you are exactly where you need to be. I get that feeling in the studio. When i am in the studio I have the feeling that my whole life was a preparation for being there.
I managed to get two big pieces sprayed out and a few samples of the wallpaper, so I’d say it’s a productive night

This piece is a 4x6 ft piece that will be shown in Miami this December. 5 layers.

I’ve talked about doing hand sprayed wallpaper for years. Tonight I took the first step towards making that a reality! It’s just a test, so the registration isn’t perfect. The colors need fine tuning. The stencils need to be cut a little cleaner,…BUT I’m happy with the direction this thing is going!

I’ve always had a love for patterns, and in particular the Art Nouveau patterns. So I figured whast better than to merge the traditional and the nouveau?

Within the next few months @TheLoriZimmer and I will make an announcement about all this if things continue to go in the direction we hope.
I always like it when you can see the ‘hand’ in the craft of something. So with this wallpaper it’s hand sprayed allowing for very slight imperfections that give the paper its character once it’s up on the walls.

I'm super bummed that the timelapse I was filming for this piece didn't come out. After the first layer the filming stopped, so unfortunately I only have the still shot. Pretty happy with the way this came out though. I enjoy the checkerboard pattern of the blues and yellows throughout the painting.
The inspiration for this piece happened while I was showing in Torino at the @galoartgallery last year. Walking around at night it was perfect weather. Clear night. Light rain happened earlier so the roads had that glassy sheen. It was an amazing time to gather photos and document the city. This painting is the first large scale painting to come out of that trip
This painting is 4x6 feet and is comprised of 5 layers of stencils.

here is a static image of the piece that i posted the process shot of prior to this one. sometimes the details get lost when I just post the process video.
the piece is 4x6 ft
5 layers of stencils
will be displayed for the first time at @ArtMiamiFairs at the @WanrooijGallery booth this December during the art fairs week.
come see!

#stencil #stencilart #spraypaint #spraypaintart #aerosol #loganhicks

it’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve sprayed something out. I just needed a break from the spray paint blitzkrieg that happened before summer. I was getting burned out, and fumed out. So decided to turn inward, run away, and just focus on soaking up inspiration. I moved to Paris for the summer. Took a billion pictures. lived with my thoughts and counted down the days until I could get back in the studio and spray thing out.
This is the first piece since my hiatus, and if I was any happier I might have to walk around with a smile. And not just that sort of smirk kind of smile. I mean the kind of smile where you show teeth cause you can’t lower your smile and your teeth sort of peek through.
Damn it feels good to be back in the studio. It fits like a comfortable shirt. I was mean to be here. It’s where I feel strong.
This piece is 4x6 ft and will be showing at @ArtMiamiFairs with @WanrooijGallery in Miami during the Art Fairs week. Come by and check it out, along with a few other pieces that I am currently spraying.

The next 6 months of my life are going to be the most exciting I have ever had professionally.
This December, during Basel Week I will be showing with @Wanrooijgallery at @ArtMiamiFairs, as well as @GoldmanGlobalArts at @WynwoodWallsOfficial and @PeterTunneyArt

Then after that I will gear up for my first Solo show at @GalerieOpenSpace in Paris, which opening February 3rd.
Today I started the intense process of spraying out the stencils that I have been working on the past 4 months. This piece measures 4x6ft and will have 5 layers total once it’s done. I have just finished taping it together and tomorrow when the sun comes up I will be back in the studio, ready to spray. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.

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Congrats @nicolemgordon on an excellent fundraiser for #puertorico @loganhicksny @r_o_n_e @soldmag

Night walks

This was the first mural that I ever did. I forget the date, but I believe it was around 2007 or 2008. IT was part of the Primary Flight event that I was a part of. Back then there were no murals in Wynwood. We were among the first to start painting. These days you can't throw a dead hooker without hitting 20 shitty murals, but back then everything was deliberate and curated. I can remember my man Books having to go out and try and pitch the idea to property owners because they just couldn't imagine their building with art all over it. Amazing to think that it's only been 10 years since then.

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