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Chapter 18
Logan's pov~
I went to get stuff to clean up maverick's shit. I go downstairs and Lydia desides to piss me off. Also, I'm kinda not really into y/n as much as I used to be. She's beautiful, kind, smart, amazing, wonderful and such a great girl in all but... I don't deserve a girl like her.
End Logan's pov~
Y/n: Logey, can we go to the park?
L- why?
Y/n- to play with Kong...
L- no
Y/n: why? *Logan puts his head down sad*
L- because *he goes back upstairs*
Y/n- I'm worried about him Lydia... *sits on the couch*
L- *texts Chloe*
Text messages~
Lo- hey
Cl- hey
Lo- could you come pick me up?
Cl- why?
Lo- i want to get away from y/n
Cl- why? I thought you loved her? ~~~~^-^~~~~~ what will Logan sayyyy? Sorry I've been busy and grounded! I'm back tho. Maybe another chapter later or tomorrow

Chapter 17~
Y/ns pov~
I got up, and I got dressed in a pair of leggings and a tee shirt. It was fair outside. Not to hot, not to cold. Just perfect. I looked at Logan and he was still asleep. I kissed his cheek and went downstairs.
End y/ns pov
Y/n: good morning kong! *you pet kong*
Lyd: good morning Y/n! Y/n: good morning Lydia *you both hug* Logan was upstairs cleaning out maverick's cage when he came downstairs in joggers and that's it (he was shirtless.. yummy). Y/n: good morning Logey! Logan: morning *he kisses your cheek and you blush* Logan: I'm cleaning Mav's cage. He shit everywhere. ._. Lydia: logan, adulting? What?! Logan are you feeling okay? *she laughs* Logan: yeah I'm feeling just fine ._. *logan gives lydia this death stare* ~~~~^-^~~~~~~~

Chapter 16 *you and logan were cuddling*
Logans pov~
I want to surprise her, but I don't want to at the same time.
End logans pov
*you wake up and brush your teeth and puts on skinny jeans and a maverick hoodie*
Logan: damn y/n you lookin fine in that maverick merch 😏 Y/n: Aww thank you logey! *you hug him and he hugs back*
Yns pov~
He seemed a little off. Like he wasn't himself. He's looking a little more paler than usual. I'm kinda scared.. End yns pov ~~^-^ sorry that it's short and boring I'm tired and I haven't been feeling very good~~

Chapter 15 ~You and Logan are still cuddling~
Logan: Hey y/n? Y/n: yeah Logey? Logan: Do you like me? Y/n: off Logey? Why? Logan: I want you to be my- *Chloe comes in* Chlo=Chloe* Chlo: I would love to be your girlfriend Logey ❀❀ *Logan looks at you and Chloe* Logan: Erm, no. Chlo: aww why baby? Logan: Because I don't love you dawg. Im in love with Y/n. ~You blush as Logan holds your hand~ Chlo: But- but baby... Come on. This is your child. Logan: I never fucked you Chloe Bennet. Chlo: yes you have. When we were in Hawaii together
Logan: Lies. I would never fuck you. I'd fuck y/n tho 😏 ~you blush and kiss Logan and Chlo leaves~
Y/n: I hate her ass. Logan: same here baby girl. Y/n: awww you called me baby girl 😍 Logan: ofc ~he kisses you and you fall asleep when Pam walks in~ Pam: Hey Logey
Logan: hey ma Pam: I've missed you baby Logan: I missed you to ma. Y/n's asleep shh
Y/n's pov~
I was asleep. On logans chest. I feel asleep to the beat of his heart. Loved the sound. It was very peaceful. He had wrapped his arms around me as a woman walked in. I couldn't tell who it was. She had this medium voice to her. She called Logan Logey. I herd Logan say "ma" so I'm guessing it's his mom. Pam Stepnick. I respect her a lot. Next thing I knew, I was moving. I didn't wake up. I continued to sleep. I then later woke up in a bed, in the middle of the night. I felt body heat near. I was freezing cold. I sat up to see a blonde guy next to me shirtless. I had smiled. It was Logan. I cuddled up against him. I could tell he was happy. He kept me warm. I again fell asleep to the beat of Logan Paul's heart beat. ~ ~~~~^-^~~~~

~Chap 14 will be short~
Chapter 14
~As the paparazzi gets done taking pictures of you and Logan kissing, Manager Jeff comes* mj=Jeffrey
Mj: hey Logan *fist pump* logan: hey Jeff
Mj: come on lets get you two home. Logan: thanks jeff. *you and logan get into the backseat of Jeff's car and you cuddle up next to Logan freezing cold*
Logan: you ok? Y/n: yeah. Just a little cold (: I'll be ok tho. Logan: okay.. *he takes off his sseatshirt and gives it to you and you put it on* y/n: thanks Logan. Logan: yup *he misses your forehead*
27 minutes later you arrive at Logan's~
Mj: Here you are. Logan: thanks again Jeff. I owe ya. Mj: nahh ur good logan. Logan: thanks *you and Logan get out of Jeff's car and he takes off*
You and Logan walk in, and sit on the couch and cuddle.

Chapter 13 *Logan calls Manager Jeff*
Phone Calls~
Mj: What's poppin?
L: Uh... Can you come pick me and y/n up?? Mj: Why? What happened? L: I got kinda into a car accident. Brother Jakey was part of it. The yeti is fucked but me and y/n are fine. Mj: I'll be there soon. L: thanks Jeffery. Mj: No problem Logan
End phone calls~
Y/n: well? Logan: he's coming. Y/n: Logan... you look pist. Calm down. Logan: I'm not pist. I'm chill. Y/n: looks like it *you kiss Logan*
Logan's pov~
Truth is, I was pist. That kiss, and w/ y/n being safe again, everything was ok. I didn't give a fuck if the yeti was fucked up. -- that's a lie. I did. But not as much as having y/n safe. I had wrapped my arms around her waist and we kept on kissing. Until, we got cought by my favorite people in the world. The best paparazzi in the world. ._. Great. No one is safe with these paparazzi out and about.
End Logan's pov~

Chapter 12 *Logan looks at you and smiles*
Logan: are you hungry? Y/n: I could eat a little. Logan: want me to stop somewhere? Y/n: you don't have to... Logan: I want to Y/n: Okay... Fine. *Logan smirks and you and him leave the emergency room and get into the yeti*
Logan's pov~
I want her to be my official girlfriend. I want to be with her. I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I love her so much.
End Logan's pov~~
Y/ns pov~
I look out the window. As music is playing in the background, it gets duller and duller. Everything goes to pitch black. A few minutes later everything is normal again. I swear I could hear Logan talking to either me or someone on the phone. It sounded serious, almost like he was kinda mad. Every once in awhile, I would hear his voice randomly. Yelling almost. Until, he slammed on the breaks.
End Y/ns pov~
Logan: fuck dammit. Y/n?!? Y/n: yeah? Logan: are you okay? Y/n: Yeahhh... I think. Why'd you slam on the breaks?
Logan: fucking Jake Paul texting me and an animal crossing the road. Y/n: Logan, calm down! Logan: your right. ~~~^-^~~~~~ ;3

Chapter 11
*Logan starts to tear up*
Logan: I should've gone with you... I'm so sorry princess... You are asleep, but you wake up to Logan talking to you. You decide to listen to him.
Logan: it's all my fault. I'm sorry you got hurt. It's not a safe place out there for my princess 😒
Logey's Pov
I don't want to see her hurt. I don't want to see her in pain. I want her to be perfect- not that she already is. She's a goddess.
End Logey's pov~
Logan grabs your hand and he moves his thumb along your soft tan skin and a tear falls from his eyes.
Y/n: awww, baby that was so sweet. I love you Logan: You were awake the whole time?
Y/n: yup. Logan: shut up *he wipes the tears from his face and cracks the sexiest grin*
Y/n: I want to get the fuck outta here.. Logan: They wrapped your shoulder. They said you can come home, but I'll have to wrap your shoulder every couple hours. Y/n: Heh. You'd enjoy that wouldn't ya? *you giggle* Logan smirks- yup

Chapter 10 *Alissa comes out of the bathroom and she finds you on the ground bleeding*
Alissa: Omg! Y/n! What happened?!? Y/n: som-some random guy came over to me and threw me into the wall
Alissa: omg! I'm going to call 911 and text Logan *Alissa texts Logan*
Text Messages
A: Logan! Meet me at the hospital! Asap!
L: Okay? What happened?
A: I'll explain once we get there
L: ok..? End text messages *Alissa calls 911 and they get to the restaurant*
Ambulance service= As
As: What happened?
Alissa: She was sitting at her seat while I was in the bathroom and out friend Tessa went outside because of a phone call, and this random guy came up to her and grabbed her throat and threw her into the wall. As: Oh. Okay. *they put you on a bed and put you into the ambulance*
Alissa: Tess! T: What? Alissa: Y/ns going to the emergency room Tessa: why? Alissa: I'll explain later we have to go. *Alissa and Tessa leave and arrive at the hospital*
Logan: So what happened with my baby girl? Alissa: a random guy grabbed her throat and threw her into the wall while Tess was outside and I was in the bathroom. Logan: damn. Is she ok? Alissa: i hope so
Logan: I'll go in first. I'll text you when it's ok. Alissa & Tess: Okay. *Logan goes into the emergency room and sees you*
Logan: Baby... I'm- I'm so sorry *he gets tears in his eyes* ~~~^-^~~~

Omg. Tysm for 100 followers!! This means the world to me!! I love you all! There will probably be a chapter tonight, or tomorrow. I love y'all! ❀❀

Chapter 9
You went out with Alissa, and Tessa. You went to a restaurant.
T: hey y/n
Y/n: hey T!
T: Alissa is already at the restaurant.
Y/n: oka- *logan comes up behind you and hugs you from behind, and Tessa laughs*
Logan: Are you sure you don't want me to go? Y/n: yes. I'm sure Logey. Logan: are you going to be safe? Y/n: should be. Logan: okay. I love you have fun. Y/n: I love you to Logey. I'll text you when I'm there. Logan: okay *Logan kisses your neck and lets go of you*
T: Let's go! *You and Tessa leave and get to the restaurant* A: Hey y/n! Y/n: hey Alissa! *you and Alissa hug*
Yall eat and Tessa gets a phone call so she goes outside and Alissa goes to the bathroom. A guy came up to you.
Rg- random guy
Rg: hey beautiful y/n: fuck off
Rg: ooo hard to get eh? Y/n: Leave me the hell alone, please! *the random guy grabs your throat and throws you into the wall. You start bleeding from your shoulder and your arm*
Rg: Now. Tell me again. Y/n: ALISSA! *Alissa comes out of the bathroom and she finds you on the floor* ~~~ ^-^ what will happen next?~~~

Chapter 8 ~Rice glares back at Logan~
Y/n: stop it you two! Logan: what?
Rice: Y/n... lemme pay for your ticket. Logan: you barely know Rice! Y/n: The next person who says another thing is getting kicked. ~Logan looks at you and kisses you~
Y/ns pov~
It was a good kiss. It was soft, and passionate. He had soft lips, and baby blue eyes, and soft, but poofy blonde hair. He had big muscles as well. I didn't want to pull away, but I did. Rice looked heartbroken. I felt really bad.
5 months later(still y/ns pov)
Ever since Logan kissed me on the lips, I began to fall more in love with him.
End y/ns pov~
Logan: good morning beautiful
Y/n: good morning handsome
*Logan kisses your neck*

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