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Happy Saturday from this MonkeyPod 💙 We’ve got @makanacabana in the House, bees are swarming, rain is pouring, Nani rabbit is happily eating lilikoi, ducks are entertaining the babe and we are watching Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee...best. Show. Ever. Happy Saturday!

This girl 🤤


Too good not to share 💙💙 My Mom is Koa’s Honey, grandma just didn’t fit. This girl loves her Honey🍯 time!

A babe & her ducks 🦆🦅🦇

A babe & her RapaNui dog🗿🐼

Easy like Sunday mornin’

This punky babe is 6 months old today!!! Koala’i Chesa is a roley poley oley who is getting pretty good at sitting up on her own. She has the yummiest laugh and has a sense of humor that has us cracking up all day. She eats and drinks more than a sumo wrestler bulking up and yet she’s still a tall ass string bean with not enough rolls to win a dessert competition. She’s crazy cute, loves being outside, loves ALL of our animals, is obsessed with her dad and has been annoyingly clingy to me lately, but I’ll eat it up as much as I can as long as I can because I know nothing lasts forever. She has a walker that she wanders the house in, entertaining herself, chatting away and discovering life and it’s the cutest thing ever. She growls at our animals and is abnormally cool with us putting accessories on her head and face. She sleeps through the night like a champion, wakes us up with sweet talk chatter and brushing her little hands all over our faces. She’s drooling so much if a tooth doesn’t pop out soon then I’m at a loss. We love her more than I can begin to describe and, though she’s had her moments, she really is just the most delicious piece of cake baby. I think she’s going to be one hell of a cool kid ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

True Love 💙💖💙💖

Peanut Butter & Honey🐻🍯

my Everythings filling my heart with that liquid gold lovin’

Stage Three • Winner Winner, Smoked Trout for Dinner • Sooooo delicious!

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