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Lo De Alberto  The Only Authentic Taquería in The Philippines. Everything homemade. City Golf, Pasig. •Mon-Fri 4pm/12mn• Sat-Sun 11am/2am +63942639 6771 #lodealberto

Friday vibes 🍻🌮 (In Photo: Enchiladas Con Pollo- chicken in rolled corn tortillas drenched in salsa, sour cream, and cheese 😍)

Spice up your cocktail game with our Sangria de Mexico! (wine-based cocktail with lychee, orange, and pineapple) 🥂🍸

Enjoy each meaty bite of our Alambre Quesadilla (pork tenderloin, onions, and bell peppers) 😍🧀

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"me, after every single day in this heat & humidity: ...I need a drink 🍹

even better if said drink is at (what i'm convinced is) the only authentic Mexican restaurant in Makati, Lo De Alberto @lodealberto --I've been missing these flavors for weeks and I'm glad to finally know where to go to get my fix 😍 these beauties are classic margaritas, but they also have some cool Filipino fusion ones with tamarind and other tropical flavors~ 🌴" 👏🥂

Our Agua Chile is your catch of the day! (Includes tilapia and shrimp ceviche) #tacothursday #tacosalldayeveryday 🌮❤

Try out our Tamarind Sour! This special cocktail features Tamarind Agua Fresca, vodka, strawberry, and orange! 🥂🍻 #drinksup

With authentic mexican food like this, why go anywhere else? Come to Lo de Alberto today! 😁🍻🌮 #legitmexicanfoodtrip

The weekend is finally rolling in! Don't forget the cocktail carafes! 😉🥂👌

Get extra cheesy with your friends today! It’s Quesadilla time + #throwbackthursday! 😍

Start your weekend right with beer and Suadero Tacos (slow cooked beef brisket tacos) ❤🍻🌮🌮

Get your party on with our Classic Mojito! 😎 🥂

Treat yourself to our Agua Chile! This special starter has chili-spiked ceviche, chipotle cream and chicharon! ❤