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Philip Cotsford  Swi/Brit/American living in Tokyo. I'm into cultures, travel, social entrepreneurship, and water...clean, drinkable water.

Great times at Hanawa Bayashi again this year!

Dinosaurs taking over!

無人島ビール。Deserted island beer. I asked if they brew on the island, and they said nope. 😜

I believe I can fly! 🦅 @yoshidume

The view of Nijubashi from inside the Imperial Palace grounds. 🏯

Standing on the edge of Izu.

It's an ijin at the Ijin-kan. 😜

I don't often have candid pictures of myself because I'm quick to make idiot poses whenever cameras come out, but here's a candid shot my sister-in-law took at lunch the other day. 😁

超特急 x 眞鍋海里 x ココリコ遠藤…x フィリップ? 😜 Here's me dancing like a fool in a music video for Cho-Tokyu (Bullet Train), a Japanese boy band.

Zojoji is always a nice place for an afternoon stroll.

ヘリはうるさいね。😳 そして、かっこいい❗️😎🤙 #helicopter #tokyobay

テオくんと一緒にテオブロマ。I've wanted to bring Théo to Théobroma since he was born. We were given chocolate from here the day after he was born, and that was the first time I learned that Théobroma is the chocolate tree. Didn't know that when we named him, but it's a nice bonus! 😁👍🍫

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