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πŸ’š @officialmackab "Medical Monday

If you want to be healthy this is the starter drink more water We are walking water almost three quarter drink more water
Water without doubt
Is the most important thing you can put in your mouth Essential used by your body throughout
And you must replace it when it come out
It comes out through the sweat
Also the urine and also the breath
If you're dehydrated your body’s upset
Water replenish and nourish protect
Transports nutrients helps with the energy
Flushes waste from out of your kidney
Headache remedy drink water plenty
Make your tank full not empty
So you say it makes you pee so go and have a pee everybody have to pee it don’t hurt nobodyΒ 
No fat no sugar no calorie
Pay your body water give it a good salary
Hydrate lose weight feel great lubricate
No constipate temperature regulate
How many glasses a day about 8
And if you reach six at first that's great
Filter, Spring, Akaline do your thing
Clean water without other things in
Fill your glass to the brim
More water, drink up your medicine πŸ’¦

#medicalmonday #water #medicine #vegan #mackab #reggae #rasta #yesiyah #drinkmorewater #healthyliving #insideout #smile #lifeisbeautiful #embraceyourjourney #positivevibes #loclivin

πŸ’š @ikendawg "My mind Has Been Contemplating For a Few Days Now And I’ve decided to do a Calvin Klein Photo Shoot For Myself And Set a platform for people that feels low self-esteem when it comes to society...physically. I Did This shoot Because I Want to be Able to Look Back at my Life Once I Get Older And Say, β€œyo I can’t believe I did something like that..” and to think about it it’s like if you don’t do nothing that is out rages or spontaneous it’s like you’re a nobody, ya know? And I Feel Like People Are Going to reminisce This and That And Say, β€œy’all remember Kendawg that did that half-naked photoshoot for @calvinklein? Dude got a lot of courage and confidence do to something like that!!” Now, watch the haters hate because to think about it if I wasn’t a burn survivor they will still be talking crap πŸ“Έ: @creativepicsbyjp #warriorsalwaysprevail #calvinklein #confidenceissexy #smile #lifeisbeautiful #embraceyourjourney #positivevibes #loclivin

β˜€οΈ Good morning beautiful people!!!!! Never!!!!!!#happymonday #smile #lifeisbeautiful #embraceyourjourney #positivevibes #loclivin

πŸ’š @sue.preme "Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. 🌷 #selflove #smile #lifeisbeautiful #embraceyourjourney #positivevibes #loclivin

πŸ’š @bitos_passions "Rocking my palm rolled freeform locs😎 First attempt at doing them! Their unraveling but that's the beauty of it right..to let nature take its course😍🌺 #idomyownhair #freeformjourney #curlyhair #summertime #locjourney #lifeisgood #smile #embraceyourjourney #positivevibes #loclivin

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