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Courtney Nusslock  People matter. MX⇆CA

perfect sleepy pup


Going to miss our Sundays & eating all the good food with you :~(
Safe travels my sweet friend 💛

Missing my pig

Merry Christmas 🎄 I hope you got to pet a dog!!

LIFE UPDAYTE~~ Drove from Mex to OC to Hemet to Blythe (people don't belong there) then back to Mex this weekend. Drove to OC yesterday & back to Mex this morning. No complaints, just wanted to let everyone know I'm no longer sane & am perpetually in these overalls that have hand drawn ostriches on them 🙃

#fergiehasasongforthat #dirt #liveyourdreams #liveyourdirtlife

Made it to Entebbe. Getting some rest tonight before we continue on to Midigo & start ministry.

Tallest building in the world!!

Survived the 17 hr flight to Dubai & went on a little tour late last night. I saw nothing made of gold :/ #lies

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