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Super quick dino-man bust sketch before bed. Just using clay buildup and move. I’ll actually hunker down on some more refined/finished projects with subtools and detail and the like later this week, but in the mean time I’m gonna keep playing and watching as many tutorials as possible until I get my bearings. Also, undo history is such a rad feature! I’m liking Zbrush more and more. #digitalart #zbrush #3d #gamedev #creature #creaturedesign #sketch #clay #digitalartist

Here’s my first real attempt at Zbrush! It was not a total disaster! I’m slowly but surely getting the hotkeys down and generally learning the UI has been pretty okay! Loooong way to go, but so far so good 🤗 I’m already hooked so be prepared for more! This clip is of messing around with detail. #zbrush #digitalsculpting #creaturedesign #digitalart #digitalpainting #characterdesign #gamer #gamedev #3d #3Dart

Silly lil’ character sketch from today. This is me reintroducing myself to digital painting. It’s been awhile. I’m realizing that I actually friggin’ love it and want to do it more. A lot more. Soooo much more.

Morning warm ups. Musta been in a mood, ‘cause most o’ these turned out silly af 🤪

Morning Sketchbook warmups.

Working on some wrinky-dinks #lovemesomewrinkles

Building up/bulking out a butt with tiny strips of clay...ya know, like you do on a Friday night ✨🍑✨ #allaboutdatbass #peachy

A fun lil’ clay sketch became this bug-eyed weirdo. Gonna make his noodley snooter into a insect harpoon type o’ thing. Okay, gotta try and sleep now. Nite, all!

Doodling bits n’ babs over breakfast 🐌🐚🦋

Rhinos and coffee go surprisingly well together ☕️💕🦏 #datbuttdoe

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