Conrad Bali Resort & Spa Hotel


Sunny side up please @lilymackerethh

나두 수영하고싶다😎
리조트가 젤 조으다
#맥주병 #발리 #케로로댁 #신혼여행

Another day in paradise where every hour is happy.

I just want to thank the beautiful @bridieannee_ for letting us stay in her amazing hotel 😚 also thank you for putting up with us brats eating all of your food, charging cocktails to your rm, using all of your stuff (including your credit card), & for stealing your bed & Indo dollar billz 😛🍹 sorry not sorry ily and I am so sad you are leaving us meow 😿

Hy Impian,saya tidak akan menyerah!

You have two homes: earth & body. Take care of them. 🐚

View from sister's place in Bali 😍


오빠 친한 누나가 발리오셔서 합류해서 놀았다는~♥ 언니가 찍어준 발리셀프웨딩♥ 카메라에 더 예쁜사진 많다능~♥ 오빠는 숙취에 시달린 얼굴ㅋㅋ
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Akhir tahun,, afternoon work 🙏😂😂

Вдохновила меня моя знакомая,эх)) 💁🏼😍 #миссреальныйинстаграм

Afternoon shift 😎

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama and Grandma (Ribu). Thankyou for your pray and support me Mom. Ribu, thankyou for giving me a great mother and being there for my mom in each her life condition. Love you both now and forever ❤️❤️
#throwbackbali13 #mothersday

see u (。◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)