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恭喜喜结连理! teman sebangku and tetanggaku 👭

Naughty or Nice? 😈😇

miss this bodyshape🙄

the thing i'm being thankful for my lady is her personality. every single version of her. She is so annoying yet caring. overly attached yet independent. so grumpy to me yet loving me abundantly.
I lose every single time we got a chance to race-eating. she got an excessive appetite, but thankfully know when to stop.
we are weirdly match for each other.
we laugh for no reason, we enjoy time starring each other's eyes even without a word spoken.
i just thankful God allows me to love her.
no other word could describe us.

Masih ada yang kurang nih.. kira2 apa ya?~

Hope the body look sexy, but you are skinny.. haha lacur. It's oke lah. Still pretty kok.

All you have to do is stay #∞
Thanks for always taking me to stay/vacations 💏


오빠 친한 누나가 발리오셔서 합류해서 놀았다는~♥ 언니가 찍어준 발리셀프웨딩♥ 카메라에 더 예쁜사진 많다능~♥ 오빠는 숙취에 시달린 얼굴ㅋㅋ
#콘래드호텔 #발리 #셀프웨딩 #selfwedding #미미신행 #미미신혼여행 #bali #conradbali #신랑신부 #허니문 #honeymoon


Вдохновила меня моя знакомая,эх)) 💁🏼😍 #миссреальныйинстаграм

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama and Grandma (Ribu). Thankyou for your pray and support me Mom. Ribu, thankyou for giving me a great mother and being there for my mom in each her life condition. Love you both now and forever ❤️❤️
#throwbackbali13 #mothersday

4 malam gratis disini 😜

#ikutkayanysa #keepingupwithnysafebianti

Swimmer Delivey Vehicle

Is it time for the spa yet 👯

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