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Always a good ketchup 😅

Hey darlings, thanks so much for today! Really damn surprised to see you all coming down so early to have breakfast with me! Really damn thankful for yall! I think maybe that's the results of all the good karma I've accumulated hehe.
Really treasure y'all a lot. I think without y'all, I already given up on life already. Love y'all so much! 謝謝妳們出現在我的青春裡。🙆💕💕💕 And thanks Nic for the cake! It's the best cake ever I swear. Really grateful that you actually made that based on a low calorie recipe because you know that I am dieting hahaha. 😘

#EC20 #777thpost

Walked to the next neighborhood for dinner.
Prawn paste chicken wings. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside.
#prawnpastechicken #chickenwings #hawkerfood #zichar #hongkongstreetzichar

Terkadang sesuatu yang kita lihat biasa saja , hal yang biasa saja itu yang sangat berharaga untuk mereka .

After 8years, naka balik nako! 😭❤️

@soh93's idea of celebrating her first (adult) salaried pay check 😅 thanks for letting me clear a substantial part of it with you 😁🇸🇬

happy tummy happy me

Badly in need of smiley faces this week, decided to take matters into our own hands. Descended upon the only worthy #zichar place near the hood and had a plate of #sanlouhorfun that had no ponding involved and much more flavour imparted into the flat rice noodles :)))


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