Salt Lake Temple


Último día de primavera. Aunque aquí en Louisiana desde hace semanas se despidió. #lavanda #lavender #lavandula #flowers #photography #photooftheday #photographer #nikon

Four quarters over a hundred pennies. Blood makes us related, but loyalty makes us family. - Al Capone #Sangre #Drip

Happy 1st Anniversary to my handsome brother (who just got in to BYU) and my angel of a sister-in-law aka the best gym partner ever! June 21st is one of the best days ever because my brother came home from his mission this day 2 years ago and 1 year ago I got a sister-in-law! I love you both and hope you have a wonderful day! 💜

The prophet warrior Moroni watching over Deseret. I love this beautiful city and their draconian ways.

Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Menlove #itsofficial

Can’t wait to go see this beautiful place again (:

I’m so excited to be heading to Utah in August! For my brothers wedding! What?? He is still 14 in my mind haha 😂

yayyyy for temples!! ✨ (missing the other 3/4 of my fam)

10 years ago today my dreams came true when I married this guy! It has been a wonderful life with him by my side. I have the hottest best friend EVER!!🔥I love you so much Mr. Hamblin.
6-21-2008 ° Salt Lake Temple

Thanks #SLC it's been a great 2 weeks we loved the downtown farmers market, the views, bike paths, and hospitality. We left town with 2 new rear shocks, oil change, clean quilts, fresh haircuts and are #roadtrip ready 💙

Easy is not to be underestimated. Easy taps the pool of talent and ideas out there that were turned off by hard.

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