Vacation mode - only a few more days left and I’m soaking it in . . . with crusty, Parisienne baguettes. Me and my bread baby are happy right now.
I’m loving every indulgent bite and i’m not denying myself this opportunity to share all the delicious things with my family. You name it, we’ve had it. Life is worth living and I don’t want to look back with regret. This doesn’t mean I’m not interested in being and healthy and fit. It just means that I get to decide what that means at any particular moment. Regular workouts will resume when I get back to the states. Until then, hand me the damn baguette and pass the cheese!
#paris #vacation #baguettes #croissantauxamandes #myrealfakelife

Is a fire truck really a water truck 🤔🤔🤔

Strolls in Musée Rodin.

Y si nos damos la mano?

Conclusión 2 de museos: es imposible no enamorarse de un artista, y que doloroso también.

Ver conclusión 1 en foto anterior :)

•this could be us but you don’t exist•

Вот такой #музейРодена

Le baiser.

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