Harborside Cafe


When I was 18 I thought these were giant boogers, and now I can't get enough. Probably could have thought of a more appetizing way to put that, but...

ناهار: مرغ ، پنير، سبزيجات ، اون سس قرمز هم سس تمشكه 😋

These girls 💋 @ocdc12 @jessicaannelove

Owner @keeganhicks favorite place to bring his family for lunch? Well, The Harbor Grill of course. #family #danapointharbor #bestlunch #seafood #lunchtime

Beautiful girls 😘

This kid! I can honestly take him anywhere and he loves good food so when he says "mom , can we get some fried oysters?" Well you bet and I know just the place! 😋#foodconnoisseur #foodie #myboy

California knows how to brunch 🍽

Father's Day lunch in OC #lobsterroll best one I've had


So pretty

Lunch with a view in Dana Point

I come with my #calamari #dish to say good night ^^

Lunch at the Harbor today. The view.

Clam Chowder Bread Bowl. Yummm


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