Panchito's Mexican Restaurant


🌿 I spend more time thinking of a caption then editing my pictures. How about you?

Drinks with mommy in the city 🍹🍹🍹

Cinco de mind yo own business🐸🎉

Good things come in 3's

⚾🍻 lux

Never not down for tacos 🌮👅 #chunti


Jon Stewart used to work at Panchitos as a day bartender. Tonight I'm here watching a fantastic comic debut his standup set on
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. @colbertlateshow @alingonmitra


#ThrowbackThursday my best profile, it's on all the coins.

Cinco de mind yo own business🐸🎉


Shifty AF

4th ain't even midnight yet....

Never not down for tacos 🌮👅 #chunti

Happy Friday! What a week, am I right? Here's a little #fridayintroductions because I know you love my random thoughts. Here goes:

One of my first jobs was a barrista and I burned all the steamed milk. So, sorry if you drank one of my lattes. My other first job was lifeguard and I don't like getting into cold water, but I do love sunning myself and throwing kids into the water. I was a natural.

I don't like driving a car and would rather take the train. I figure I'm like one of those cute old ladies in Manhattan who have never had their license.

I own like 45 tubes of blue paint and ONE red. I need to diversify. Admitting it is the first step.

I'd take a free trip over money or stuff any day.

We are moving next week. We found out last week that we have to because...NYC. #adulthood #sendbeer #senddonuts #sendwine

I love receiving happy texts from clients who take selfies with their paintings. It makes me so happy!

I also love naps. Ok, happy Friday. Xo // photo by my creative buddy @amyfrancesphoto 💕💕

"Make your visions so clear that your fears become irrelevant." ~ anonymous. Collab: my edit of an amazing image taken by creative and talented photographer @doron_stein with my shot at a restaurant in the village / NYC

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