This has been a stellar morn, hope it's been and is the same for you.
Playing with @dogs_that_know_theyre_dogs tomorrow night at the @doverbrickhouse. We'll be opening up for them around 8pm and hope to see ya there.

Last Minute Show announcement!
We’re pretty sure we’re playing the Dover BRicKhOuSe this Friday night with @phattjamesmusic Show starts at 9 p.m. $5 at the door, 21+ plz
Have a great day everybody :)

Salt The Wound from a decade ago.

Lord Bacon (68 pics)
Salt The Wound (96 pics)
The World We Knew (67 pics)

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#rttp #returntothepit #returntothepast #deathcore

Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the air? .
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Kiss me gently
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And i said hey, whats going on??!
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Original art by @blueberryiam

NeverSayNever 12 years ago.

Hand Choke Neck (76 pics)
NeverSayNever (86 pics)
Of The Betrayed (91 pics)

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#rttp #returntothepit #returntothepast
Wonder what happened to this band.

Pickled deviled Eggs I did for Easter brunch #cheflife🔪 #eggs #pickling #truecooks

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