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Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend as much as Brother John-Marco is! #ΛΘΦ #TheAce #TheFaceofThisLine #Lambdas #GEBaby

It’s almost here! Recruitment week 2018 is one month away 🎉

“As for the saints who are on the earth, they are the excellent; all my delight is in them.” Psalm 16:3

it’s been a long day. get some rest & we’ll see you tomorrow for your advising appointment 😴⏰ #halfwaythere

“I’m a double major in economics and political science and every semester I seem to have multiple economics classes in the Terry Business Learning Community. It’s one of my favorite places to have class considering how new the classrooms are as well as many of my professors have their offices in the same building so going to office hours is that much easier!” -Eamon #dayinthelife

UG <3

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