Collezione Guggenheim


And then we say, spring is in the air 🌺🌸☀️ Tuesday morning, #EmptyPGC 📷 @missymary80

Tancredi_ una retrospettiva


Same Girl®

"Весна – время планов и предположений." Л.Н. Толстой

"Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liquors in one go" this quote was written on an itinerary that was given to me and I still don't understand it and I'm not entirely sure I agree!

Peter Pan Crew @ Festa Fine Mese #nevergrowup


"Palais promontoire" - Yves Tanguy (1931)

Difficile a dirsi se sia più bello il filtro o la vista #correr #Venezia #venice #Guggenheim #peggy #pgc #museum

Pois Veneza também é cultura! Fui lá conhecer a Peggy Guggenheim, sua Linda!

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