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Bikram Yoga Phoenix


What I am looking for is not out there. It's within me. 🌻🕉🌞✨🐨

Dhanurasana has always been one of my favorite backbends. When everything clicks it feels just divine and it's pretty badass when you take into account that you're making your body into Arjuna's bow for battle.

Sthira and sukham- strength with ease, stable and calm, comfortably motionless.
Practicing yoga helps me find the balance in these things on and off my mat. Come find your bliss with me Sunday nights in donation based candlelit flow. Bikram Yoga Phoenix 7:15 pm. Donations go to American Cancer Society. #sthirasukham #azyoga #yogaeveryblessedday #americancancersociety #yogaforacause
📷: @astudyinblackdotcom

Yoga 👌🏽#Done✅ #sweatyandstinky

•Grateful Sunday•

Namaste // #ParadigmFitnessApp

Find time to do what makes your heart happy, 🕉🌻✨☕️🌞

Love yourself. Be yourself. ♥️🌞🤓


Namaste // #ParadigmFitnessApp

"Success is failing over and over again without losing enthusiasm. To me, practice is purposeful, intentional iterations of failure.
We need those moments of struggle in order to come back up. Every attempt, every day, it's part of the pursuit. How good can I be!?" -Ryan Hemsworth
Practicing yoga reminds me that there is no failure if I'm continually seeking and trying. It happens to fuel my fire to seek and try more too.
Join me for an all-levels, warm, candle-lit flow Sunday nights, 6:15 pm at Bikram Yoga Phoenix. Donations only- benefits American Cancer Society.
#yogaforacause #outdooryogis #americancancersociety #yogainspiration #azyoga #ryanhemsworth #success #nobaddays

The universe is shaped exactly like the earth
If you go straight long enough, you'll end up where you were

#modestmouse #doordie #yogainspiration #stayweird #yoga #yogateacher shapeshifter #alwayschanging

Many poses in yoga challenge us to find harmony in opposing forces. Svarga Dvijasana for example; requires one to balance and root strength of the standing leg, while lifting and lengthening through the torso and extended leg. Life tends to require balance in opposing challenges as well.
Find strength and ease in the harmony of all forces with me in Community Candlelit flow.
Sunday evenings, 6:15 pm, at Bikram Yoga Phoenix. Donation based, proceeds go to American Cancer Society.
#yogaforacause #outdooryogis #balance #harmony #svargadvijasana #yogainspiration #yogateacher #americancancersociety #hanergyinmotion

Full moon shining me on to early morning Bikram class #yogainspiration

Costa Ricans live by virtue of "Pura Vida." Their lifestyles exemplify pure life by slowing down, celebrating fortunes, taking nothing for granted, and recognizing all of the goodness despite any "bad". This lifestyle of gratitude and awe of life's beauty is what I strive for daily. My yoga practice helps me accomplish appreciation and PURA VIDA.

Join me for a warm, all-levels candlelit flow Sunday nights at 6:15 pm. Donation based, proceeds benefit American Cancer Society, at the Bikram Yoga Phoenix studio. Find Pura Vida.
#puravida #gratitude #yogaforacause #yogainspiration #americancancersociety #lafortuna #outdooryogis #arenal #hanergy

Today was the first time I ever did Hot Yoga... And I LOVED IT 😍

It seems as if I'm curiously distracted by my dirty foot in this pose. What thoughts distract you and pop up in your mind? The yoga mat is a good place to find them and learn how to control them. The poses let our minds surface so we can enter the breath and slow down our thoughts.
Join me 6:15 pm Sunday nights for donation based Candlelit Flow at Bikram Yoga Phoenix. Warm, all-levels, and proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. 📸: @astudyinblackdotcom
#monkeyminds #yogainspiration #sideplank #yogaforacause #americancancersociety #dirtyfeet #hanergyinmotion

"God is that which you discover in the act of love itself " -Peter Rollins
When we decrease our distractions we increase our capacity to love. I remember when I first started practicing yoga, something I loved was I would leave practice feeling like I was on top of the world. Practicing yoga brings us closer to our inner power and strength. We are on top of the world. We are full of love. Give it a whirl with me in Community Candlelit Flow Sunday's, 6:15 pm, at Bikram Yoga Phoenix. Donations only, proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. 📸: @astudyinblackdotcom 👈love working with him if you need local photos! Creatively inspiring!
#yogainspiration #yogaforacause #americancancersociety #peterrollins #supportlocal #lovefirst #hanergyinmotion

"When two great forces oppose each other, the victory will go to the one that knows how to yield." -Tao Te Ching
Yoga is a playground of opposing forces in the body and mind. We can apply the lessons we learn in poses on our mats to our daily interactions. See what the heck I'm talking about for yourself in Community Candlelit Flow Sundays at 6:15 pm. Bikram Yoga Phoenix studio. All-levels, warm, proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. 📸: @astudyinblackdotcom
#yogaforacause #americancancersociety #yogainspiration #taoteching #opposingforces

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