The Gardeners Arms


All vegan / vegetarian menu, and the EP sleeve of Cardiac’s “Day is Gone” on the wall.

End of Bank Holiday pint at The Gardeners. Scholarly reading not pictured.

•Children of the revolution•

Sunday lunch and Morris dancers. Standard Sunday fayre.

He’s gazing adoringly at @daphneheard ’s chips.

Giddy with sitting in the pub garden 💚💛💙💛 #theendoftheeternalwinter #sunnysaturday #april #signsofspring #alovefornaturesbest

Do you like to read? I’m currently reading The White Queen by Philippa Gregory about Elizabeth Woodville, the Queen consort to Kind Edward IV. Her family was French and claimed to be descendants of Melusina, a water goddess, although due to this belief her family was vilified with accusations of witchcraft. The Danish version of the Melusina legend led to the Hans Christian Anderson tale we all know and love today, The Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ •
I wasn’t a huge fan of history at school, I struggled to remember all the dates and I dropped A level history after only learning about Philip II of Spain & his wife Isabella for about 10 months... oddly I barely remember anything about them now 🤷‍♀️

Since then I’ve acquired a taste for historical fiction, particularly those written from a female perspective as it is fascinating to see what women’s lives were like back then, hence I am a huge Philippa Gregory fan and have read many of her books... have you read any?

Any #bookish recommendations for me? I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday 😘

#teaandbooks #booksbooksbooks #bookishfeature #bookishgirl

My Easter Hunny 🐰

Easter Sunday Pub Crawl. 9 Pubs in 6 Hours. We came across some really quirky places. 🍻💐 #oxford #town #city #pub #pubcrawl #graffiti #graffitiart #colours #spring #easter #eastersunday #sunday #vibes #fun #love #life #happy #friends #alcohol #ale

This week’s winning quiz cartoon. @clivegoddard9370 back on winning form!

I had another EPIPHANY at Hear the Word - it always reminds me what poetry is FOR, in different ways, always around the crux that this is just a normal thing that humans do, the same way we cook and sing, and that it's something to share. I read early in the evening, and in the first short break, someone came up and asked me if there was anywhere she could find my poetry. Very apologetically, I explained that I'd taken it all off my website, as journals and competitions see that as "published", and so they won't accept it. So instead I gave her my card and offered to just email her the poems I'd read. Then after the music, in the next short break, I had almost the identical conversation in reverse, with someone whose poetry I really wanted to see more of - and this time it was her apologising, and giving me *her* card.

The rest of the evening, my head was fizzing. Because even the poems that are in journals are pretty inaccessible. If someone wants to read *that* poem, are they going to hunt down the BFS Journal Spring 2012, assuming there are even any copies left? Or buy that 2016 journal? Meanwhile, I'm hoarding my poems like some avaricious little paper dragon, not sharing *anything* "in case a journal accepts it" - and even sending them out religiously, that's slow work, when they want exclusive submissions and often take 3-6 months to reply. And for what?

All I want for my poetry is to share it and to be read. I don't ever expect to make money from it, journals generally don't pay so I'm giving it away free anyway, and I'm perfectly happy with that, but... I suddenly realised I can give it away free on MY terms. Share it freely. Put it on Facebook and Twitter, make graphics for Instagram (I LOVE making graphics!), and put recordings on SoundCloud - I record almost all of it anyway, while I'm writing it, and I love doing that! And put it on my website. Put it places ANYONE can read it.

So, head fizzing all the way home through the beautiful freezing dark and the plum blossoms, that's what I decided to do. Expecto #poetry!

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