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At Eshtebak's film screening for the golden globes committee- #honored - Thank you @ghaly.mahmoud for this beautiful custom made dress #pink🌸 ps. Was not looking all happy and calm when I met Sam Ismail 😁 #SamIsmailisSoTall

Rule no. excuses play like a champion

#screenings #goodtimes #lalalanding #producerslife 🌟✨⚑️πŸ’₯

Thank you @okmagazine & @abcfamily for hosting a great premiere screening and Q&A for @monicathemediumseries last night! 😊 And thank you @brendanrobertsonglam for hair & make up & @samanthajean14 for helping me pick out my outfit! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ Ps. You'll know why I wore a romper for the first time ever after you see the premiere this Tuesday!! lol #MonicatheMedium

I definitely Saw the Light last night. Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen are perfect, and you can see their perfection in 'I Saw the Light' which comes out the 25th in LA/NY. Can't wait till next week 😈

Saw a press-screening of this film tonight! Comes out in March, totally amazing! Recommend #Jake #Naomi ❀️✨❀️

So amazing to meet Sergei Polunin, Royal Ballet Star, notorious bad boy, Hoizer's "Take Me To Church" viral sensation, and subject of the new doc, "Dancer." We talked mostly about In and Out.✨❀️✨ #ladance #sergeipolunin #dancer #layogamagazine

🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻 A great way to finish an awesome few days in LA. First Coach organised a fantastic movie screening with Vince Vaughn and crew then a huge win tonight! πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘Œ that tres @marcgasol #notorius

Went to the crew screening of this last night and watched the final product of all the hard work, long nights and sacrifices @markmccune and crew endured to make this gem possible. I am so proud of you Mark and proud to be able to stand beside you while you do it! This is such a beautiful and fun documentary, everyone should go watch in theaters to experience what Beatle fever was like during the touring years and sing your heart out! #thebeatles


Full 3D mode #fyeah

#ActorForHire test screening a few weeks back- writer/director @marcusbrad and lead actor @jessebrokebad introducing the film. Great night and more screenings to come! Thanks to @gabealmodovar for the pic

#Bravo Bradley Cooper! You are perfect for this @americansniperfilm Thank you, the cast and crew for making this. Still in awe of how great this is. Got to see this with @veteransinfilmtv and @iava and my buddy Chris tonight! #veterans #iava #vftla #americansniper #oscar #ptsd #navyseals #sealteam3 #getsome #realhero

Happy December! Let's get in the Christmas Spirit!

Seeing the movie "Still Alice" at a private screening in Beverly Hills

I absolutely loved "The Boxtrolls." A heartwarming and astonishing showcase of Laika's exquisite craftsmanship and intelligent storytelling. #theboxtrolls #boxtrolls #laika #animation #film #screening #focusfeatures #stopmotion #bestof2014 #gorgeous #heartwarming #outstanding #periodpiece @laikahouse @focusfeatures @theboxtrolls

😹 someone is getting clever at work and shockingly it wasn't me @icet 🍹 #icecold #lunch

Nic Curcio enjoys some Fool's Gold (Elvis' favorite) along with his screening of WHAT IF- a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bacon on a toasted roll! Good luck finding that at the concession stand!

Today I went to a screening of a movie "Altergeist" I operated on some time ago. So great to see it finished and on the big screen. I remember watching an early edit and it's so cool to see all of our hard work all put together, finished and taken to a new level with a great score, sound design and visual effects. It amazing to follow the whole process and see it come together nicely on screen. Great work by the post team, editor and director in shaping and polishing it. I like to thank our great crew for all the hard work and I treasure the friendships I made during our time together and can't wait to work with you all again! If you want to see the trailer search for "Altergeist trailer" on YouTube.... #setlife #cameradept #thanks #cameraoperator #steadicam #bcam #altergeist #ilovemyjob #arrialexa #moviemaking #cinematography #cinema #film

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