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Поездка на гондоле 100€. Если вы приехали компанией, то это, несомненно, нормальная стоимость. Но одна я не готова была кататься по каналам за этот прайс. Для таких туристов, как я, есть причал, где лодка отходит от одного берега к другому, маршрут коротенький и всего занимает минут 5, но этого вполне достаточно, чтобы поставить галочку в пункте "проплыть по каналу в Венеции". Стоимость совсем смешная - 2€. Все, что вам нужно - найти причал Rialto Mercato 🛶

Dedicada aos seca pimenteiras

Pescheria Market, Venice

The sun has barely broken the horizon, its quiet.. real quiet. The silence is broken now by an almost panpipe-ian toot and the sound of a diesel engine cruising by on the canal. Venice is a carless city, mainly because the lanes and thoroughfares are barely enough for 3 people standing side by side let alone a car. It’s my last morning in #Venice, #Italy. Got an early flight out to catch and its cold enough I can see my breath form vapours as I wander around the many alleyways. The early mornings are so different to the other hours of the day. Long before the tourists flood the streets from their hotel rooms, you can really see the life of a city, what makes it tick. The smell of bread baking, the coffee roasting next door as the fruiterers unloaded from the barges. It was like a scene out of a disney movie where the heroine walks through admiring all the wares. Each artisan doing his part to make the whole, honing his craft.

But as I got a little closer to the main canal there it was, The Pescheria Market. I could hear from a distance so much life, crates being dragged, toots and horns from the canal. As I got closer the excitement built with sounds of voices people talking, yelling and negotiations being had in a sea of Italian. With every sea creature imaginable, from crustaceans, to molluscs, shrimp to sea bass it was all there.
There was a staunch man in a trench coat, suit and tie. HIs face a little weathered. Moving from from stand to stand examining with definition the wares that were available. I felt a little weird following him as he unknowingly guided me as he felt the texture of the snapper, checking the the glassyness of the eyes and interrogating the fishmongers for freshness. The fishmongers respected him, he commanded it, it was an interesting push and pull between the salesman and the consumer. But, to me this was a glimpse of what life in a village would be like. The bakers and the bakers before the@, the gondoliers trained from childhood, the fishmongers and the restauranteurs is this what stepping into the old world might feel like? I can definitely see the allure of this simple life.

I haven't cooked anything for two weeks! So me and James went to the Rialto market today and I bought a few things to make some lunch... #Venezia #holiday #Rialto #tweet pic by @jggibbsiii

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS al mercato di Rialto #venezia #grandcanal #rialto #mercatodirialto

💃🏼 #venice #ootd

Здесь бегал Джонни Депп

tem colorido mais lindo? 🥝🍉🍒🍐🍎🍇🍋 #veganfood


Due tipi di frutta @MercatodiRialto


#160711 €2.5의 행복❣
한인민박 같은 방 언니랑 나가서 마신 #spritz
씻고 나서 뒹굴거리고 있는데 나가자 해서
살짝 귀찮은 마음을 안고 나갔는데
그 마음이 민망해질 정도로 정말 좋은 시간이었다
추천해주신 민박 스텝 언니께도 감사했던 날!
다시 베니스 대운하를 바라보며 술 한잔 할 날을 기다리며🙏🏻
#이탈리아 #베니스 #italy #venice #venezia #술스타그램

Trznica je dusa svakog mjesta. Mercato💙 #mustvisit

"L'inchiostri o tropo neri
O tropo bianchi
Fa i nomi eterni
E le anime vive"
- Proverbio Sui muri di Venezia "The ink, or too black
or too white
Makes the names immortal
And the souls alive" - Proverb on the walls of Venice
#proverbio #venice #proverb #proverbs #proverbi #venicewalls #ink #black #white #names #souls #inchiostro #nero #bianco #nomi #anime #curiosità #dettagli #angolinascosti #curiosities #details #secretcorner #travel #esplorare #scoprire #explore #discover #instatravel #traveller #youandvenice discover #instatravel #traveller #youandvenice


💕💕💕. #fuggiamotravels

Amé el laberinto que es #Venecia con sus más de 100 islas unidas

Go Fish!

Aside to Chicagoans: Isaacson & Stein can play in this league... :)

That red moves me 🍅🍅🍅 #Tomatoes #MercatoDiRialto #FoodOfItaly

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