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Flinders Lane


➖ Lined up ➖

The luckiest man alive just got even luckier! 😆💍 Yesterday Whitney and I proposed to each other in what was the best day of my life so far. We are absolutely beside ourselves with happiness.

And it’s a cold snap in Melbourne again ❄️ todays dinner details ♥️ wishing you a great weekend ♥️. #allblackeverything #fridaynight #ootd

Need to make Buildy mcbuilding face happen now #examstressgettingtome

My love affair has and always will be with hanging plants. It encourages people to look up and around, to see something other than what's in front of them. @kurtfalkenstein residential green oasis created by yours truly 🕺🏽🌿🌿 #plantmama #plantdesigner #plantstylist

Some politicians want to take us all back to the 1950s.

This photo's good enough for me.

Photo of Flinders Lane and Centre Place, then and now. Credit to Mark Strizic for the original, and Nick Devereaux for the colour.
#OldSchool #Melbourne #DegravesSt

The @canonaustralia #LIGHTAWARDSLIVE 24HR competition awards happened this afternoon. What an amazing experience to be surrounded by such talent and to have my work judged and received feedback for the first time from the professional community. (Usually feedback for my work goes something like: “omg yum”). I accidentally wrote 500 words about my entry instead of 500 characters. You can cop the spiel here. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
For the past year-and-a-half I have loved photographing food at restaurants all over the city for my job as a social media manager, but I mostly forgot to make an excuse to take portraits and celebrate human connection. Armed with a portrait competition as my perfect excuse to shoot, I found that my favourite Brunswick locals were not around to be my talent. Changing neighbourhoods, I ventured into the city to wander Flinders Lane at staff meal time before the busy evening service. It’s not unusual to find Melbourne’s best chefs perched on milk crates, squatting in corners, and lurking in door frames in the back alleys off Flinders Lane. Waving through the window to @jcpenno at @kisume_au (👈🏼check my food pics) and a quick chat lead me to discover their urban courtyard off Hosier Lane where staff had just finished their meal. The courtyard featured a centred clothes rack that held the crisp white uniforms of the chefs whilst they ate. There was one shirt left belonging to Head Chef @kitak_lee who possesses both grace and power, trend and tradition. The contrast between his starched white shirt and tie, and the grey graffiti-tagged urban landscape reinforced the contrast in his unique characteristics of person and position. Best of all, I photographed him in his totally natural environment.
Taking a new perspective, I experimented with height, shooting from a much lower angle than I have before after being inspired by the strength that was displayed in the portraits presented by @benclement_ at the Canon workshop. The result I see is respectful of the discipline and skill of being a chef of Japanese cuisine, plus it makes Chef look super cool (which he totally is). Hey folks, thanks for caring. PS. Bonus smiles at the end. ✌🏼💫 #canonaustralia

When your hair knows what “strike a pose” means 💃🏽

#igersmelbourne late afternoon lunch or early dinner view. Classic Melbourne. Loving it. It even rained this arvo. #thelittledenn



Morning melbourne

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It *still* somehow smells like Europe

Good morning #Melbourne

Post show catch-up with this dynamic duo. They finally got to see what I've been up to these last two years #gazelleleaps #anthill #fireflies #lioness #touringlife #theatre @thelionkingau

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