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Wish I travelling Europe with my best friends instead of crying my way through January

So last night was fun 🍻 #statcup

You Only Poland Once 💃🏼 #vargzineurope

Krakow has been unreaaal 🤙🏼

Прекрасный хостел в центре кракова с вкуснейшие завтраком и самым необычным названием pink_Panther's) если кто-то из моделей в кракове, пишите в директ, поснимаем

Hosteling, you've been fun. But I'm glad I'm gonna settle down now.


Ready for the night #party


I want to thank you all for an AMAZING night! 🍻😘

Krakow has been unreaaal 🤙🏼

Krakowpen a cold one with the boys🍺🇵🇱 #pinkpantherhostel #krakow #21stBirthday

#framed hahah cagó el espejooo

Desayuno en nuestro hostel! No tenía mucha variedad, tostadas, queso, mermeladas, café, té y cereales. Eso y que han sido vacaciones. Y en las vacaciones yo me relajo 😊 y desayuno lo que hay. Sin remordimientos. Mantener el balance 👆

I made friends ❤

We're visiting our Hostelfolks in Kraków! If you're staying at our hostel and then going to this beautiful city, book directly at and get 10% discount for you stay! 😉

@pinkpanthershostel #krakow #cracow @weekend

When it's summer outside but you have to work whole day, but it doesn't matter because you have the best roommate @uryniaq and a window with nice view of Krakow 😎🙌🏻🔥 #coffee #atwork #window #view #amazing #krakow #thebest #roomate #love 💞💋

Krakow ;)

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