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When I was 19 I was crushing on someone V hard and decided to finally come out to my best friend. She squeezed my hand so tight and it was this feeling of knowing that I was loved and I would be supported no matter what. Up until that point I couldn't get myself to let the words spill out. "I'm gay." There was shame affiliated with being gay. Coming from an extremely machismo family environment, I was scared. Scared of the unknown. How would my family react? How would they treat me? Would they be ok and supportive or would they shun me? The first person I told in my family was my cousin Alicia. The second was my aunt Debbie. They laughed and of course knew. I mean, come on! I was Posh spice. Always. When I finally told my mother, I was in tears and shaking. Would her religion change the way she viewed and loved me? No. She hugged me so tightly and told me she loved me more than anything. It took a long time of letting those walls come down. Brick by brick I've been putting the work in. I still have hang ups that come up every now and then. It's humbling. It's real. It's a struggle and a dynamic I may always deal with. Who knows? I'm proud of the man I'm becoming. Sometimes. But hey, IM GAY. 💕 #nationalcomingoutday 📸 @cassi_ellis

"Some people say, all is about the money and the power, that's bullshit".


"You were Always so lost in the dark "
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