Peel High School


I like use because use join in on my weirdness and can have the most deepest conversations ever , while being able to trust each other ❤️❤️I appreciate and love use so much •


💕😂 they got a better relationship than me ( GOD IM HOPELESS WITH HOLDING RINGS) @kysoncooper3417 @brad_phoo


The family❤

Rachael: “Emily I have to pee! Come with me and wag math”
Rachael: “Emily hurry up and take the fricking photo my leg is hurting”
Rachael: “Take a photo of me while I jump!”
(Seconds later)
Math teacher: “Why are you two so late!?”
Me: “Uh cause we had to pee and we was busy checking out how stupid we can be on camera”
Mannnn 😂😂 I love you Rachy 😂💗

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