Elfin Lakes


Phresh like the start I asked for #powtown #kimochi #asians

waiting for breakfast in the hut. pat is reading about avalanches πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

This little lady turns 6 today.
She's the first dog I've ever had in my life, and now, I wouldn't be without her
Although she's not quite so small, she's still ready to get outside any day, any time, which gets me out and moving as well
She loves the trails and the mountain air and chasing squirrels (and cats) 🐿😼
She also manages stick her tongue out in a lot of photos too
Who's your outdoor buddy, always ready for adventure?

Chickadees go for a 25 km snowshoe. Sunset & Pete (who forgot the humus but remembered the second bottle of wine), sunrise and some hills (see slide 5) #elfinlakes #snowshoeing #getoutside

A first for Sunday Sessions! We completed our first overnighter to Elfin Lakes! Laughs, aggressive Whiskey Jacks, hills and views that inspire. #elfinlakes #garabaldipark #snowshoeing #backcountry #squamish #pnw

View of the sunrise, from my sleeping bag. Spent the weekend, trekking through the snow to explore the mountains in the Squamish backcountry. It was a good way to detox from technology and connect with real people. Happy Earth day! 🌎

Weather is getting sunnier!! No excuses to hike and camp more this summer!!


The best way of capturing the beauty of #nature is to be there in person. #elfinlakes #garibaldi #snowshoeing #wintercamping

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