Cannon Beach, Oregon



Counting down the days until I am back in Oregon shooting some awesome love stories! But first a wedding in Tuscany and a tipi wedding in Norfolk 😍
I had a client tell me this week that’s it’s obvious that I love what I do and my life and I am so glad that comes across! I say it out loud most days to those around me, I don’t even call it work! Because how can you?! I am hoping the sunshine returns here for my day off re-connecting with family on Sunday - which mainly consists of biking/paddling with dogs in rivers and eating ice cream... 🌞

Первой нашей остановкой был знаменитый, очень красивый пляж Canon Beach, Oregon. Солнышка мы не увидели, но нам очень понравилось там, чистейший воздух, чайки , шум волн ... и красивенные скалы #canonbeach #beach #canonbeachoregon #oregon #oregonstste #exploreoregon #ocean #oceanbeach #nashizakordonom @nashi.zakordonom

Si que disfruta la arena 😉

This photo does not give justice to the vastness of the beach, the drama of the clouds, or the solidness of the rocks at all. Or the wind, and the light, and the patterns in the sand.

A lot of time in the car was well worth this evening on the beach! #wemadeittooregon #oregoncoast #cannonbeach #usaroadtrip

I once went on a date with a guy who said he was into role play. I ended it right there because the guy didn’t even know what a lvl 70 paladin was. Red. Flag.

I spent my last day in Oregon visiting the Pacific Ocean...we went to Ecola State Park and Canon beach and some small towns on our way - the view and sounds of the ocean were breathtaking!!!! #ecolastatepark #canonbeach #oregon #travelphotography

To live is one of the rarest things. Do more than just exist ☀️ #cannonbeach #sunset #travel

Come visit! Muah! 💋

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