Natural History Museum, London


Did you know? 🤔🤔🤔
Giraffes don't sleep much. Most if them get about 10 minutes to 2 hours of sleep per day.
I don't know how they manage. Rolls over and takes a nap.


Don’t they scru.... 🙊
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Journey to the centre of da earthball



Музей Естественной Истории (Natural History Museum London).
Вопрос. Кто может быть круче рыцарей?
Только динозавры!
А кто круче динозавров?
Правильно, гигантские динозавры! 🦖🦕😝
Если бы в моем детстве присутствовали вот такие музеи, то я наверняка стал бы учёным🤔💭 #HistoryMuseum #LondonEye



I've been studying sharks and rays since 2012 and nothing else interest me.
I love them.
Now it become my career and I love every aspect of it.

As my career goes, I often hear about people arguing things about 'who is the smartest' or 'the most experienced' or even 'the most paid' in the field or many other things supposedly not to argue about.

Yes we need to improve, we need resources (funding and salaries) and we also need recognition.

But what makes me sick is when we use this animals just as a tool for self-centered goal or even a competition between people or groups.

Are we really want to save them? Enjoy them in the wild? Make them sustain while fishers prosper?

Or just for personal glory?

Time to reset my priority.

#selfreminder #sharkconservation

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