MCA Denver


Red Aunts at Fem Fest on 5/12/18

“Honestly Lying” by Diego Rodriguez-Warner at the MCA on 5/13/18

Thanks for a fun weekend ♥️ @james.matson @aliciamatson @megforrestt @ysahbzzz miss yew guys!

As a Colorado native I’ve spent a surprisingly small amount of time outside of the Boulder area.
I have to admit I don’t venture out of the “Boulder Bubble” very often. The mountains, nature, and relative quiet and stillness are my comfort.
Recently I’ve been able to explore Denver a little more and it has been so fun. I feel like I’m on a mini-vacation every time I go! A completely different city that has it’s own special kind of magic ✨
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As I began to love myself my relationship with everyone changed.

زي العسل على قلبي هواه 🍯

If you didn't make yesterday's Consuming Nature, Nature Consuming, a performance created by Kristen Hatgi Sink @kristenhatgisin, check out this short clip of @fitzisrich performing in 115 gallons of honey. You can see it live July 15 and August 26 at 3PM, mark your calendars. 🎥 by @seruhlove

a few things. one: this rooftop. 👌🏼 two: the current exhibits at the mca 👍🏼 three: this absolute babe 😍

We’ve got browsss ❤️ her brows were one of my favorites ever, to do. We added so much shape and definition while still keeping them super natural looking.

Happy Father’s Day 🍯 #consumingnaturenatureconsuming

@fitzisrich in honey on a rainy sunday. looks like a painting but it’s irl
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Today I got to celebrate being this little ones dad! Cheers to all the rad dads out there. #mcadenver

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