Loneliest village on earth (I suppose) #stilllost #uruguay #urugay #findedenfehler


Golden hour washes over the town of Cabo Polonio unlike anything I have ever seen before. .
This wind swept coastal settlement lies on a rocky peninsula in a national park in Uruguay. Every evening just before sunset, the beach to the west of town comes alive with locals and visitors alike, basking in the golden glow as another day in this small slice of paradise comes to an end.

Anclados en el Cabo.

Gracias Cabo Polonio! Proxima estación ➡️➡️➡️ La Paloma!!!!
@mateusaver @joaorosanh 😎

Cabo cabito

O amô! ❤️🙏🏻

I just can’t get enough!!! 🌈💚✨ #cabopolonio #lobosmarinos #uruguay #pedacitodecielo #pieceofmind

Calmaria 🌞🙏🏼

Celeste. #tb

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