Georgia Theatre


the one and only @jackantonoff

All of the students leave town and the musicians come out to play. Last night’s new album release by @donchambersmusic was exquisite. I am saving an entire post for @thayersarrano who opened for him and had us all spellbound. #feelinglucky #athensga #athensgamusic

cut out their pictures and i chase that feeling of an eighteen year old who didn't know what loss was


@bleachersmusic never fails to make incredible music also I went to Athens

Don’t take the money 💃🏻

Hey, @cdoneski... “let’s get married.” I love how Bleachers donated portions of ticket purchases to The Ally Coalition in support of LGBTQ equality. Still can’t get over the concert. Such a wonderful experience.

From the Bleachers show a few nights ago at Georgia Theatre. So fun and everyone in front of me was shorter than me 😭🙌
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