Hayes Sports Chiropractic


23 years and counting! So thankful for my fab Sports Doc & friend! Only thing missing from this pic @doc_fred_007 is your fab wife! Luv ya both #HayesSportsChiropractic

This place is making me SO much better 💖

Napping. Up super early today. Hockey practice tonight or maybe I'll just leave her here. Lol

Back when it was just for the love of the game. #TBT

Gout therapy Be like hahaha sprained at least I didn't break it

Love this reunion 😉 #HayesSportsChiropractic


Toy drive at the chiropractor tonight. Goal is 500 toy to donate to the LA Dream Center and they are well on their way! ✨✨ 💙💛💙 🌲🎅🏼🌲#giveback

This place is making me SO much better 💖

Asked Siri to call "Hayes Chiropractic" #SiriFail

Our youngest son, Christopher at the #chiropractor, it's been quite awhile since his last adjustment. He's #hypermobile and also has #kyphosis of the thoracic spine. The #hypermobility causes him to get injured more easily. Especially when he runs cross country, which just started 2 weeks ago, but he loves getting adjusted. #onlyxc @health.conscious.chris