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@tardtingles and I are about that @clashist life. 😎 She's rocking their @zackgalifianakis tights & I have on their @champagnepapi t-shirt. 😝💜 #Clashist #Fashion #NYC #SoHo

Baby wolves at the @bedrocket office!

Way into my vertical monitor setup. (This is much nerdier than my typical post, but I'm into it)

The most manly thing I've ever done.

Feeling oh so chic in the studio today.

@scottsican and I getting green-screened into Mad Men today @looktv. #madmen #work #fools

Baby wolves invade the office.


This is #capone

Cutie coworker daughter. 👧🏻

Nico says the analytics meeting is over.

Goodbye Marta! #officedogs

Happy birthday Nico!!!

Office love!

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