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uh he❣️

Harini lain pulak🎈

Basahkan tekak sebab cuaca panas lit lit kat luar ni... 🍹🍹🍹 @maizenmiezan

There's only room for one 😶

Girls coffee times katanya #mygirls



只是懶得打扮 卻被誤會穿著孕婦裝 😓😹 #被偷拍🙄 #271116


050316 Good morning Malaysia

farewell movie marathon before heading my way towards Batu Pahat 😭😭 Movie marathon

1.Joy :

It was a potent movie with deeply meaningful inputs, a lively story a.

2.The Choice :

nahhh cliche. The screenplay doesnt make up, so the entire movie was out and ditching. 1.5/5

3.The Finest Hour

A hell of an adventurous movie that you wanna watch in IMAX, absolutely!! 4.5/5

From now on, my name is Amelia Ng. >.> #icedlatte

2016第一個Working Day • A Cuppa Caffè Americano Keep The Sleepy Bb Awake

Just another weekday with coffee

Can't wait for Christmas

It's been awhile... 😬

"Enjoy your drink". Yeah, i'm so gonna enjoy this bloody drink. I mean, it's just berry, vanilla and chocolate. I'm not Dracula. #FrappulaFrappuccino
#VSCOcam #vsco #Starbucks #frappuccino #Frappula

Enjoying my Chocolate Honeycomb Crunch while doing work here 🙋💻✏️

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