Grab your clique and let’s get summer-ready togeth! 20 classes in 30 days & when you complete it, you’ll get an EXCLUSIVE FreeRide Tank 😱 And you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $50 @nativenectarjuice gift card to use on a cleanse, juices or organic meals to fuel that summer bod, along with a $100 studio credit to be used on any apparel/shoes/water bottles to keep you sweating in style. Join us tomorrow night for a special kick-off party & we’ll pop bottles post class!
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People say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it.
FreeRide- you have forever changed me. I can only hope I have impacted your lives as much as you have mine.
After trying to coach Saturday, I had to make a tough decision. I am currently off the FreeRide schedule indefinitely. The drive and the room acoustics were all just too much for my brain. I had to choose me. I had to choose my heath. I had to choose taking steps forward/maintaining instead of backwards.
I can’t even express how much I will miss riding with all of you. My heart is extremely sad, but it also knows that this was the right decision. I’m not worried about you though. You know @lesleykristyn, @fitness_clo, and @tayy.crawford will continue to bring the fire, sweat, and soul in that dark room!!! Plus, I know you’ve got some awesome up-coming instructors in training. @betsysoos has left the door open for me to return and I am forever grateful for the opportunities and kindness she has shown me. For right now, I have to find opportunities that keep me moving forward. Maybe we will meet again under those black lights, but until then...just know how much you all mean to me! Push forward, ride strong, lose fear, and always remember...you can do anything for 10 seconds!!! (and always try to add that extra turn and hold.your.pace!)

Next Heavy Hitter is coming up April 29th! Make the pledge, hop on a bike, and we’ll ride for Miller! Grab your spot under “Fundraisers” in MINDBODY and let’s do some good 👍🏼 #imwithmiller #freeridestudio #giveback #bentonville #visitbentonville #bentonvillearkansas #charity

Do you have a fit tribe...not a place to work out...an tribe? People who love and support you. A family that pushes you a little harder. An instructor who inspires you. Stop 🛑 and think about it...now DM me and join my tribe.
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Hump Day magic ✨ Here’s the schedule:
8:30am FreeRide
9am Warm Flow Yoga
11:45am FreeRide Lunch
11:45am FreeBarre
4:30 FreeRide
5:45pm FreeRide
6pm FreeBarre
7pm Warm Flow Yoga
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Get ready for it.. #challengetime #bestsummerever

Lunch time is bike time @marinagco 🚲 @freeridestudio

Thought of you @sipsizzlesquat
When you get knocked down you come back showing that set back just how strong you are.
#comeback #watchout #strong #quotes

This lady is part of a group who has made me look forward to working out. I may not look the way I want but I sure AM THINKING the way I want. #FreeRideTribe 🚴🏼‍♀️

When the crew comes thru. YES or Yes?! 💪🏽🙌🏽
📸: @libbyharrison29
Shirt cred: @le.sweat

Got lunch plans Monday?Grab your co-workers, your ride or die or whoever you want to swear with & spend it with US! We’re shooting some video in the studio and class is FREE at 11:45am! Space is limited, so book while you can!
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Meet Ashley! 👊🏼👋🏼 She’s coaching our new HIIT class starting TONIGHT at 5:45pm! And it’s FREE for the first two weeks! So what are you waiting for?! Let’s tone up for summer!! #freeridestudio #hiit #bootcamp #fitness #workout #bentonville

Are you expecting and want to know how to modify your workouts throughout your pregnancy? Check out this FREE workshop led by @kryscanzo April 21st!
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Arms reaching.
Hands grounded.
My purpose is greater than my position...my purpose is greater than my position...my purpose is greater than my position... Heart forward.
Rest in the knowledge, that this moment is uniquely mine.
Your purpose is greater than your position.
As you move forward today, be confident in that. Plus, be confident that you are loved. Because you are. xx

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