Love this beautiful spring weather. And loving my new Jack Rogers, they are so comfy! I already know they're going to be a summer staple. And guyzzz I'm so excited, Lilly for Target comes out this Sunday. Woohoo! You better believe I'll be there at the crack of dawn waiting. 💘 #lovemyjacks #lillyfortarget

Today I get to celebrate 9 whole months with my best friend! Thankful we could start the day by bonding through the word. I love you, Noah!❤️

From OAP all day to cheer tryout practice to work and then home to homework...Idk how I do it #stillsmiling #igotthis

Thanks @starbucks ~ you make Road-Trips Yummy!

the best (:

Ya mero llegamos amigos de Dallas un poco de #MarraneoTime

We got a dub but came in second

Proving to myself that I really CAN do something I didn't think I could do. Hauling this baby down from Oklahoma LIKE A BOSS! And a little help from #Starbucks ......

Day 2 of driving...grabbing the essentials


Going to pick up my baby girl and had to stop for a snack. @cooper_david_brown @noahparvin1 @mathewspears @coribrown

If you look closely, you'll see a rowdy Benn in the wild. Crickey!

Quick stop to grab coffee for the driver and let the carsick one reorient himself with the Earth. #roadtrip #myboys #lovethem

#Evening #Starbucks ☕️☕️

Me and mom enjoying #Starbucks

Or not...effects of #icemageddon2013 ❄️⛄️🌀🚚☕️

#selfie @starbucks on my #travels earlier. #homesweethome (well where I was born) in #FortWorth

Coffee break after it took me 1.5 hours to get to Hillsboro from Waco. #rainydays #bored #standstilltraffic

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