Elvis Presley's Graceland


Grace I can’t believe you’re 18. Honestly I didn’t think we would make it this far. We have years of laughter, jokes, fights, singing, dancing, and joy behind us. And a TON of Jesus. You are one of my closest friends, if not my closest, and I wouldn’t trade the memories we have created for anything. Grace, you have an exciting future awaiting you and I fully support you in anything and everything you do. Don’t stop being you Holly. Also don’t play chess in the library with anyone else. Love, Sugar Bear

The Elvis Special: Peanut butter and banana fried in bacon grease sandwich #fatelvis #graceland

A vida passa tão rápido que perdemos a maioria do nosso tempo planejando, em vez de executando. Seja duro, seja breve, seja autêntico irmão pois o tempo não perdoa e a vida voa. Agradecer e nunca esperar nada de ninguém. 🙏🏻🕺

Comenzando el día! Recorriendo la historia de Elvis Presley, hoy rumbo a lo que fue su primer hogar #pinupgirl #vintagegirl

One year ago today. Memphis Tennessee 🇺🇸#itrekhere #trekamerica #usa

Graceland Gates 1975

Elvis is the King ...but...Lemmy is God of RnR 😜🤘🏻#motorhead #memphis #rocknroll

Just so we are clear where we are.... This past Saturday was a beautiful day to visit #graceland #memphis

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