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Have you ever wondered what happens to your body while you sleep?
While we sleep we are actually slightly taller. Due to the absence of gravity, the gel between the vertebrae expands while you lay down.
We spend approximately 30% of our lives in a state of sleep. If we sleep on average 8 hours a day, that would amount to 2,880 hours a year, or 4 months.
At least 70% of the world has experienced at one point a hypnic jerk. The sensation of one falling during a dream to suddenly waking up occurs when the brain is transitioning from a state of wakefulness to sleep.
While we sleep the brain organizes the thoughts and memories of that day. This is why it is essential for one to have a good nights rest. “Mientras tu duermes yo trabajo” Atentamente: Tu cerebro 🧠
Mira ese video y descubre algunas cosas que suceden mientras dormimos.
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“As your opponent advances in attack you evade back (by quickly drawing your forward foot back, straightening both legs and leaning forward as you extend your sword arm towards your opponent’s head. You attack into his attack.
The stop-thrust can be to the wrist or arm but a good stop-thrust to the face makes your opponent think twice about attacking again. Psychologically brutal and satisfying.”
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