Little Granite Lake


Cruising on Sunday afternoon. #woolybear

So gentle, this dear heart of mine. #DogAngelo #dogstagram #SPOO #adoptdontshop

Amazing weekend/Amazing family! 💚

So quiet here. (Except for the sound of @rossi_strangler's chainsaw.) #happyplace

It started to downpour the second we pulled in and drenched a truckload of furniture, the roof is leaking, my wool rug has moths, but it's still perfect at the cabin.


Happy Fourth from the Paulette's! 🇺🇸🍻🎣

The good news: our pipes at the cabin thawed. The bad news: we don't even need a website about climate change when winter in Wisconsin looks like this.

Aaaaand the pipes are frozen at the cabin, too. But eff-you winter, we made coffee with bottled water and have momma's Christmas cookies! Ho-ho-holy-Mary-this-week-is-gonna-kill-me

#DogAngelo living out his 1970s fantasy photo shoot. #spoo #dogsofinstagram

Can you damage your eardrums from a lightning strike? Pretty sure I am deaf.

Weather-induced romance.

Despite my neglect, this little piece of paradise keeps throwing up miracles for me and the bumblebees.

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