Paw Paw, Michigan


I’ve been annoyed with all this rain lately. It seems like a typical Michigander thing to do: complain about the weather at any point in time, but then this morning the clouds broke apart and I went on my porch to see that this entire time I’d been hating the rain, it had been gifting my garden. My cabbage is massive, my lettuce and kale are all five times bigger than they were a few days ago. My tomato plant doesn’t even know what to do with itself. So maybe next time I’m annoyed with a situation, I’ll try to look back on this morning and remember that there will always be something good out of the bad. 🌳🌸💕 #practicelove


#family #dadlife #dadliferules #daughterlove #meaningoflife #whyicarry I love you lil girl. I fell out after a 14 hour shift right after I got home from work, Clare Bear apparently decided I needed some comforting.

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