A plain image for some plain thoughts today.
When I first started pottery lessons, I learnt that throwing hurt my body. It’s surprisingly physical.. the way you sit, balance, move.. I had to prop one leg up and went on to later learn I have a weakness on one side of my body. It’s an all-encompassing experience. Once, after an intense session I hurt every day for the next two weeks and reluctantly conceded that it wasn’t going to be a healthy way forward for my poor old body. So throwing would not be for me. This was such a shame as I’m a person who likes to patiently practice, hone and polish... it didn’t fit with how I’d hoped to be.
I think I had the naïve notion that you can only become a worthwhile ceramicist if you throw on a wheel.
I wondered.. if I can’t do that, then how do I want to be? What will I make? So I began to explore the various methods of handbuilding. Having broken away from my preconception that I’d one day become good on the wheel.. I was freed by the realisation that I was no longer in pursuit of a perfect form.
Learning a new skill is teaching me so much about myself. The very first lesson ceramics gives you - is humility. It can all go wrong at any point. You may not be as good as you’d like and you have a lifetime of learning ahead.
And here endeth the waffle..

freshening up the garden by painting the fence is an easy but sacred task for me as our family do eat outside a lot in the summer. #cuprinol #gardenshades by @duluxuk are so beautifully pigmented and available in a wide range of colours to suit every taste —i chose ‘willow’ to match our home grown herbs! i’m so ready to fall in love with my country garden again so, darling, don’t fence me in! 😉 // #ad #imaginedhome #imaginedengland #imaginedstyles #dinaoktaviani #dedicatedfauxparisian

Two of my favourite things #lovemycat

Our neighbour for the week🐴 🌸 ☀️

Liatris spicata kobold.
Part of the asteraceae family and native to north America. This has to be a plant that's best en masse. Attracting all sorts of wildlife they bring a garden alive. Go well with a nice blue sky as well. #liatris #kobold #pink #purple #wildlife #wildlifephotography #conservation #phonepic #nature #naturephotography #flowers #flowerstagram #plants #gardendesign #colourful #colours #bluesky #sunny #summer #gardens #gardening #view #beautiful #amazing #picoftheday #instadaily #love #travel

Sweaty 🤪 Sunday
Anyone else not coping with the heat 😰 it’s so muggy and sticky that I’m considering buying an air con unit 😂
A progress photo of our lounge. Swipe for the before. I’m in desperate need of a new sofa, looks saggy as hell but is very comfy. Not allowed to buy one until we start work extending the kitchen next year
#sundayfunday #sundayvibes #victorianterrace #victorianhouserenovation #lovewhereyoulive #loveyourhome #myhouse #decor #decoration #interiordesign #baywindow #periodhome

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