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Sundance Lake


It was a good day

I've got a fiancé now! ❤️

A series of slightly blurry and questionable photos, except for the third one, clearly thats me showing them how to properly eat ass.

First fish ever caught by me. It was pretty massive🐟

Days like these. 😍☀️🌅🏊 #yyc #summer #Canada #calgaryism

Shoutout to Bryan

Are we photogenic yet?😂 Kylee was cropped out tho😐s/o to Kevin our amazing photographer

Sleepy little goose 💙

Can someone tell me why you're allowed to swim across the lake without a life jacket yet need one on a floaty?! 🚤 #FuckTheLakePolice


Yup, it was that kind of night  #bumbley

Her centre pieces provided endless entertainment #bumbley #dinosaur

My lovely friend @jacbarker got married yesterday #bumbley


Just a little guy 🎣

It may be New Year's Day but for this coyote it's still go hunt or go hungry. He's crossing a frozen lake just behind my house - taken from my deck.

Sunrise lights the trees behind the snow laden shadows.

Shadowed Shallows

From a few weeks ago, when we still had water rather than ice. Just before sunrise restored colour to the world for another day...

Geese have very little water left this morning as the lake freezes in. Definitely time to be heading south.

View of lake earlier this evening after #sunday tennis with dad. #nofilter

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