Sundance Lake


Still can't believe she said yes 😅 #grad2016

I've got a fiancé now! ❤️

First fish ever caught by me. It was pretty massive🐟

Days like these. 😍☀️🌅🏊 #yyc #summer #Canada #calgaryism

Shoutout to Bryan

Till 3005 ❤️

Sleepy little goose 💙

Always on board😏

Can someone tell me why you're allowed to swim across the lake without a life jacket yet need one on a floaty?! 🚤 #FuckTheLakePolice


Yup, it was that kind of night  #bumbley

Her centre pieces provided endless entertainment #bumbley #dinosaur

My lovely friend @jacbarker got married yesterday #bumbley


Just a little guy 🎣

It may be New Year's Day but for this coyote it's still go hunt or go hungry. He's crossing a frozen lake just behind my house - taken from my deck.

Sunrise lights the trees behind the snow laden shadows.

Good times at the sledding hill:)

Princess needs a carry up the hill:)

Path to sledding:). So pretty:)

Skating by herself!!!