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Do you need a “fitness buddy” for the summer? Let us help. During the next 24 hours we are going to give away 1 Free Month to one winner and friend of their choice. ..
Tag 5 Friends. ..
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One lucky winner will be chosen this Wednesday, on #winitwednesday. ..
3...2...1 GAUNTLET!!!

Did you know we offer pickups at one of Birmingham’s coolest new gyms? Checkout our friends at @gauntletfitness in Homewood as they have special offers for summer workouts. Not to mention, @aprilmackfit was a part of our success from the beginning. When we first started, April would help us label and package all the meals on Sunday.
We love all of our partnered gyms and without them, our success would have been limited.
Go follow @aprilmackfit as she kicks her way through the @gauntletfitness gym and hear more ways on how to stay in shape.
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Had a blast last night with this #kickboxinglady @aprilmackfit @gauntletfitness collaborating with friends who define in their own style fitness, health and what it means to be a #boss is always refreshing and inspiring! Thanks for letting me work it out with you and your crew last night and share what I do as well. Watch out for some fun events to come VERY soon!
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Spring and summer are finally here and we are looking to add a group trainer to our program. Must be certified in personal training. Email your resumes to

Consuming high-protein foods has many benefits, including: •Speeding recovery after exercise
•Reducing muscle loss
•Building lean muscle
•Helping you maintain a healthy weight
•Curbing hunger
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Do the trainers ever really workout? @kiblevins2 is over here doing a 4 minutes plank, while @boulospshunnarah is just enjoying himself. -
Who wants to see the trainers workout instead of the members? -
#accountability #ladiesofgauntlet #gauntlet #gauntletfit

Take a look at one of Gauntlet’s very own, Breandon Lumpkin. Don’t worry members, we will incorporate some of this into next weeks work out. When we begin phase 2 of the G 90.

Bruce Lee once said, "To be a martial artist means to be an artist of life. Next to my family and faith, I have learned more about life from the martial arts than through any other endeavor." -
Thank you for an amazing Clinic, led by the one an only Master David Sheram. -
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We are proud to be the Fitness sponsor of #hearthealth for @cbs42community. We look forward to the footage of our class and owners @boulospshunnarah & David Sheram. #stayready #gauntletfit

Misery loves company, right? So bring a friend to either the 9am or 10am class tomorrow. #gauntlet #gauntletfit #menofgauntlet #ladiesofgauntlet #bringafriend

Special shoutout to @frankgrillo1 for visiting the gym today! In just a little time, you were able to teach us so much. Looking forward to your new tv show and other movie ventures you have coming. #frankgrillo #avengers #thepurge #celebritytrainer

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