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Today’s workout took a tiny bit of my soul @snakecrossfit

This kid is a beast!!! Got to watch @_jakedouglas_ in some #regionals prep and get absolutely schooled in a workout. The box step overs where easy tho! #snakecrossfit #crossfit #tamworth #sponsored #athlete #overexertion #oestate #successneverrests #fitness #training #crossfitgames #hardwork #gobigorgohome

Name: Madi
🔦Why do you love Crossfit? I love it because it’s different every time, you don’t know what to expect and the structure.
🔦What’s been an unexpected benefit of CF? I would say how it impacts all factors of day to day life.
🔦What’s your favourite barbell movement? Deadlifts and cleans.
🔦What do you love to see in a WOD? Rope climbs.
🔦What’s a movement you’re still working on? Overhead squats, double unders and snatches.
🔦How many accessories do you own? 1, hand grips.
🔦Any advice for someone thinking of trying CF for the first time? There’s nothing quite like suffering with strangers 😂

Feeling grateful!!
Just got smashed in crossfit, but just so thankful that I get to wake up everyday and do what I enjoy and get to have an awesome family!!
#grateful #health #everyday #family #fitness #crossfit #snakecrossfit #tamworth #picoftheday #morning #riseandshine #everydayisagift #instagood

This Saturday Overexertion are coming to SCF to bring the Tamworth ordered Jake regional supporter shirts & will also be bringing some extra merch to sell on Saturday during the WODS 🙌💸 #takemymoney #roadtoregionals

Oh hey triceps! 👋🏽

Name: Clint
🔦Why do you love Crossfit? So many reasons but the main one would be the variety of workouts keeps it interesting & its just a fun enviroment to train in.
🔦What’s been an unexpected benefit of CF? How much it helped my strength and fitness for football.
🔦What’s your favourite barbell movement? Snatches
🔦What do you love to see in a WOD? Any olly lifts
🔦What’s a movement you’re still working on? There is so many things I need to get better at but lately I have been mucking around with strict bar muscle ups. Haven’t got it yet.
🔦What time of the day can you be found in the box? Mostly 5am nd 6pm for barbell
🔦What's your favourite food? Anything sweet.
🔦Any advice for someone thinking of trying CF for the first time? Don't be intimidated by what others are doing. Everyone had to start with the basics. Be consistent

Happy Mother’s Day to all our SCF mums (& mums everywhere!). You are some of the strongest most resilient people we know! 💗💗


Done!! Hahaha! Crossfit fun.
Can laugh about it now! Burpees and snatches for 24 minutes hurt so bad. But I did it! My form needs improvement and I'm gonna be putting in extra work.
Every little bit helps towards the half marathon. No shortcuts! No excuses! Cry, Scream but Never quit! Thanks to @_jakedouglas_ and @snakecrossfit for the motivation and not taking it easy on me! -
Again, thank you all for your continuous encouragement on my journey!
#snakecrossfit #crossfit #training #motivation #instagood #health #halfmarathontraining #busted #hardwork #crushedit #burpees #snatches #thankful #thanks #myjourney #life #inspiration

Throw back Thursday 👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽 Coaches Jake & Lachie with some wobbly handstands in 2014! 🙃😄 In this year’s Open Lachie placed 154th & Jake placed 35th in Australia! 🏅 #throwbackthursday

@aliceridley_ killing the hang squat cleans 👊🏽

So true! Something you will hear a lot of at the box is “trust the process”. Show up, try your hardest, scale where needed, prioritise technique, never give up & with time you will improve! #tuesdaynightmotivation 🌵

What an awesome night!
Crossfit @snakecrossfit, gonna be sore tomorrow bra!! Thanks Dale.
40 70kg deadlifts will definitely help me sleep, if not, the 100 20kg kettle bell swings should do it haha!!
Love it! Great way to shake up my half marathon training.
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Monkey see, money do 🐒🐒🐒

Name: Kareena
🔦What made you try Crossfit? I initially signed up for the women’s challenge.... I didn’t actually realise it was Crossfit at the time 😂.
🔦How long have you been doing it for? About a year and a half.
🔦What impact has CF had on your life? It has had a huge impact. I used to go to the gym and do cardio to lose weight or look a certain way. I had a restrictive diet, so then I would binge eat all the time. Now I workout because I want to be fitter and stronger. And I eat well because I have a better understanding of what good food does for my body.
🔦What’s a goal you’ve accomplished since joining? I finally got pull ups!
🔦What’s a goal you’re still working on? I want to be stronger with the barbell.
🔦Favourite movement? Pull ups.... or burpees (I think I will be the only one to say that 😂)
🔦What’s your favourite food? Burritos 🌯.
🔦What’s your sock preference? Ankle, mid or high? Ankle, but I love everyone else’s fun socks!
🔦Any advice for someone thinking about trying CF for the first time? Just do it! I was so intimidated when I first started because I had never done any kind of strength training. Everything can be scaled and everyone is so supportive.

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