Doheny State Park Beach


Sobre tentar tirar uma foto 🤳🏼 para lembrar do aniversário da @sofiatoledooo #familiadoida #dianoparque #lovethis 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤗😁

KKSMA Summer Gala 2k17 🤘🏻✌🏻#mychild #offtocollege #proudmom #crying #sfsu

pose 1 pose 2

When the biffz show up🐚🌊

Yesterday's surf mosh-pit. As I'm sitting out in the water 💦 this kid maybe 10 years old paddles up and I say to him, trying to be friendly, "hey bud, next one let's party wave it" without any hesitation the kid says "no way dude those suck!" Kids these days🙄 😂 || nice to hang with good company though and enjoy a worry free afternoon🌴 @joshhegewald @mirelleyy @benhegewald @cray_minor @carson_minor

'Night beaches

thank you California for another amazing summer filled with laughs, memories, and love but now it's time for some European adventures 👋🏼

Spent the last day of summer 17' with my favorite person ❤️

It's THE Master Crane🐦😂


missing summer and the beach🚙

Making Evan's dreams come true. Today our whole family rode our bikes to the beach. Of course we were missing Claire but thanks to Jenn for loaning Grace her bike with a baby seat attached, Piper thought that seat looked sad empty so she put her American Girl doll in it. We decided to call it Claire so basically it was just like having everyone there.

Throw back Thursday when DoHo looked like Snapper Rocks with brown water. El Niño 97/98 the San Juan creek blew out and created the Dana point sand bank. Epic surf - epic infections but with it. Photo from Doheney State Beach Interpretive Society #danapoint #elnino #prayforsurf

When you wanna surf but aren't trying to get wet 💦😂 Vid: @zaniac1 & @mat5o
Via: @liveridemedia
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Would you try it? @zaniac1 on a hydrofoil at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California 🌴 | by @mat5o

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It's Saturday so it's prime time to check your boobies with your girlfriends or boyfriends or yourself or your husband or your neighbor or at a concert or privacy in your home, or at the beach, or your shower......just know your boobies. Half way to the month.... it's Breast Cancer Awareness 💕🎀 #pink🎀 #pinknation #pinkoctober #pinkmonth #breastcancerawareness #fuckcancer🎀 #fuckcancer #checkyourboobies #selfexamination #selflove #self❤️ #girls❤️ #savealife

Me and Cynthia Fox from KLOS radio station. Awesome concert.

Loving this fall night! California Life!! #OCLife #BeachLife #RosieTheRealtorOC #abc7eyewitness

Thank you Lori and Rich for a great season and for all the amazing coaching! You guys are the reason I paddle with Dana Outrigger! Love you both!! 💚💚💚 I can't wait for more fun and unforgettable memories!!! #DOCC

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