Vegnews HQ!


More #vegan cupcakes from @stickyfingersdc (Cupcake Wars winners!) Good day indeed.

Um, yeah. It's shaping up to be an awesome day!! @lunaandlarrys

On this rainy SF day, we baked up @EatPastry_ #vegan Chocoholic Chip cookies.

#Vegan cheese taste test with @miyokoskitchen happening now. We are ecstatic!!

Why choose between shawarma and pasta salad for lunch when what you want is both?

Eeeek!! Look what just arrived! Hooray surprises from @stickyfingersdc!!

Today is like Christmas!! A whole CASE of @CalNaturale Svelte arrived. Eeek!

Something that's making our day excellent: #vegan Banoffee Pie!

Hello, awesome #vegan birthday cake!


Got to hang out at the beautiful @vegnews office, catch up with the wonderful Colleen Holland, stock up on ethically-sourced cruelty-free chocolate, get a vegan facial, and support one of my favorite organizations all at the same time! So glad I was able to attend the chocolate vegan pop up spa fundraiser for Food Empowerment Project! If you don't know them, go check them out! #vegan #vegansofig #veganfundraiser #FEP

Petite chair break.

@wakeupcaroline and I have been hard at work as recipe testers this last week.

Joseph Connelly time

We are rich in #vegan birthday cake (strawberry shortcake with chocolate ganache made by the amazing @jennybradleyyo). Happy birthday to our editorial director @ecastoria! Live long and prosper.

Editorial Assistant Tommy Dean's lunch is what we call the ultimate wrap: Herbivore's vegan chicken shawarma stuffed with avocado, potatoes, and happiness. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Aww! Thanks @B_Hay for the awesome @allisonsgourmet chocolate. He knows the way to my heart!

Valentine's Day came early thanks to @AllisonsGourmet! Raspberry Blush Hearts and Vanilla-Kissed Strawberry Bark, we love you too. #vegan

To brighten a grey SF day, Editorial Assistant Tommy Dean brought in a red cabbage slaw and black bean wrap. #vegan

In things that are pretty: @GUNASthebrand #vegan travel bags (the New York and London totes) arrived today. Time for some fun travel.

Not a bad way to end the day. A giant #vegan peanut butter cup and spicy peanut brittle from No Whey Chocolates.

During these chilly San Francisco days, the arrival of #vegan hot cocoa and hot fudge from Coop's MicroCreamery is perfect. Both are available at

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