Tamworth Base Hospital


Poor little fella. Not much change today's fingers crossed he picks up tomorrow.

Clara Oswald Joins the Daleks.

Added to my hospital Dalek

Thank you to the mystery sock donor this week. What a lovely surprise in my locker. #lol #knowmetoowell #lovethem #alot #thankyou #rockedthem #atwork #notsurewhatthekidswillthink#hangtheminsideout

Knew something was missing from our Shower Dalek. Wondering how long it will be till hospital staff notice.

What you do to a hospital shower sign when you are a Doctor Who Fan. Happy April Fool's Australia.

Delivering hot cross buns on easter morning because four x gold and Winnie blues aren’t allowed in the ward.. your a legend uncle Greg 😂🙊🐰

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