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سَلامه الحِسنْ و الزّينْ ، ❤

Packing .. Packing .. Packing .. 😓😫😲

"curiosity killed the cat" @laqueesh

Yellow Submarine takeaway & "I give it a year" on screen. Its that saturday night 👉👈

Boudoir dipped into homemade orea peanut butter swag


Birthday gift from Mom & Dad. 🎉

^ Whippin' up some weiners



^ Whippin' up some weiners

Did some burger experimenting tonight with @cliffordjeremiah. Beef patty, deep fried spam tossed in bread crumbs on a bed of wild rockets and guac. Aww yeee

Monday morning Ya Kun takeaway aww yee

Awww yiss right on schedule. Jitterbug's Workers EP.

PSP music 🔊

Almost got that one hand down

No school for me 👌


Early dippin'

Chicken boobs, spinach & cashew nut pesto, roasted potatoes.

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